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Organization Chart

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Educational Organizations
15 College
1 Graduate School
12 Professional Graduate Schools
Deliberative Bodies
University Council and 10 Committees (established by SNU Articles of Association)
14 Committees (established by University Regulations)
Advisory Bodies
4 Committees
Administrative Organizations
Office of Academic Affairs
  • Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Educational Affairs
Office of Student Affairs
  • Division of Student Service, Division of Scholarship & Welfare
Office of Research Affairs
  • Division of Research Policy, Division of Research Support, Research Ethics Team
Office of Planning and Coordination
  • Division of Planning, External Affairs Coordinating Team, Public Relations Team, Communication Team, Legal Affairs Team
Office of Financial Planning
  • Division of Budget Control, Division of Finance & Property, Division of Asset Management, Accounting Support Team, Budget Performance Evaluation Team
Bureau of General Administration
  • Division of General Affairs, Division of Human Resources
Bureau of Construction and Facilities Management
  • Division of Campus Management, Division of Construction, Division of Facilities Management, Safety Management Team
Office of Admissions
  • Division of Admission Policy, Division of Admissions
Office of International Affairs
  • Division of International Planning and Coordination
Office of Information Systems and Technology
  • Division of IT Planning, Division of Information Support, Division of Information Service
Office of Siheung Campus
  • Division of Strategic Planning, Division of General Administration
Office of Startup Support
  • Startup Planning Support Team

Last updated in 2024