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Organization Chart

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Educational Organizations
15 College
1 Graduate School
11 Professional Graduate Schools
Deliberative Bodies
University Council and 10 Committees (established by SNU Articles of Association)
13 Committees (established by University Regulations)
Advisory Body
Diversity Council
Administrative Organizations
Office of Academic Affairs
  • Division of Academic Affairs, Division of Educational Affairs
Office of Student Affairs
  • Division of Student Service, Division of Scholarship & Welfare
Office of Research Affairs
  • Division of Research Policy, Division of Research Support, Research Ethics Team
Office of Planning and Coordination
  • Division of Planning, Public Relations Team, Communication Team, Legal Affairs Team, Accounting Support Team, External Affairs Coordinating Team
Office of Financial Planning
  • Division of Budget Control, Division of Asset Management
Bureau of General Administration
  • Division of General Affairs, Division of Finance & Property, Division of Human Resources, Administrative Management Team
Bureau of Construction and Facilities Management
  • Division of Campus Management, Division of Construction, Division of Facilities Management
Office of Admissions
  • Division of Admission Policy, Division of Admissions
Office of International Affairs
  • Division of International Planning and Coordination
Office of Information Systems and Technology
  • Division of IT Planning, Division of Information Service
Office of Siheung Campus
  • Division of Strategic Planning, Division of General Administration

Last updated in 2019