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SNU's academic certificates are available in both Korean and English. Students and alumni can choose to print certificates online site, or to request online and receive via postal mail, or to visit Division of Educational Affairs in person, or to request and receive at public offices.

mySNU website

Print Online

mySNU login → ‘Get Certificates’ → ‘Get Online’ → Select options → Print

Those who don’t have mySNU IDs can create accounts using their student numbers.

The service is free of charge.

Certificate of enrollment is not available for graduates before 1987.

Printed certificates can be verified online.

Certificate Verification website

Order Online and Receive via Postal Mail

mySNU login → ‘Get Certificates’ → ‘Receive by Post’ → Select options → Input postal address → Complete the online request → Transfer the fee for delivery, printing, and optional sealing to the designated bank account → Requested certificates are sent one business day after the fees are transferred

Domestic delivery takes 1 - 2 days, and international delivery takes about 4 - 5 days via UPS, and 3 - 4 days via DHL.

Note: Email request is available via only for the former exchange/visiting students whose mySNU accounts are expired.

Visit to the Division of Educational Affairs

Location: Bldg. #60 - 1F, Gwanak campus

Office Hours: Monday to Friday 09:00 - 18:00

Sealing: certificates are given in sealed envelope when requested

Required Identification: one must bring valid ID cards - Korean ID Card, Alien Registration Card, passport, Korean driver’s license, Public Official Card

In case the certificate request is made by someone else, a letter of attorney should be submitted.

Format of Power of Attorney Download

Request at Public Offices

Students and alumni can make request and receive certificates via fax at their nearest community centers (Dong office) or Gu offices.

One can choose to request via certificate portal site, and receive at the public office in three hours.

Minwon24 website

Last updated in 2013