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Learning Support

Learning Support

Learning Support

For Freshmen

SNU Freshmen Learning Camp

We provide pre-admission training to help new students adapt to college life and develop their academic abilities for university education. The program consists of diverse contents including college life design, Seoul National University lectures, learning strategies, and conversation time with seniors. This program is held every winter vacation.

Learning Community 'Sublime'

To adapt to college life, we provide mentoring with senior students of the same major and one-on-one tutoring for graduate students to improve their basic academic skills related to English, math and science.

For Undergraduates

Learning Counseling

Learning process counseling is a process utilized to understand individual study habits with a study counselor and improve issues related to academic difficulties such as studying, grades, lack of academic progress, and selection of major. Learning process counseling is conducted through online counseling, personal counseling, and group study coaching. Interested students can apply via the CTL website.

Courses of Creative Presentation & Logical Discussion

In order to enhance presentation and communication skills, we run a creative presentation and logical discussion course every semester. A certificate of completion in the name of the Director of the Center shall be issued to those who participate in 5 or more classes.

IT Capacity-building Workshop

In order to produce and utilize materials required for college classes and research activities, we provide hands-on courses such as the Mastering Presentation (PowerPoint, Prezi), Mastering Data Analysis (Excel, SPSS), and Mastering Professional Programing (R, Python).

Learn how to learn

As a customized learning support program for improving academic competency, we offer a variety of special courses on learning methods, such as time management, creative thinking, learning strategies, quantitative research methodologies, and English course Learning strategy.

For Graduate Students

English Writing & English Presentation Workshop

In order to support graduate students' research activities and academic activities abroad, we operate English essay writing courses and English presentation seminars every semester.

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e-Learning Support

Supporting for Using eTL

SNU’s e-Teaching & Learning (eTL) system is compatible with the university’s administration system to provide an integrated educational environment to improve teaching methods and enhance learning skills by supporting various class activities such as student management, syllabus management, assessment management, task management, and interaction management.

Developing and Running Massive Open Online Courses (MOOC)

We develop MOOCs from courses representing Seoul National University, and run Korean MOOC (K-MOOC: organized by the Ministry of Education, and edX ( co-founded by Harvard and MIT.

Shooting Academy

We provide basic education program for making film twice a year during vacations for fostering the ability to produce video contents in a rapidly changing media environments such as UCC, smart devices, 360-degree cameras, and AR/VR.

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SNU Writing Center

Writing Tutoring (One-to-One)

We provide ongoing guidance on all class assignments, including reports.
Both scheduled visits and day-to-day consultations are available. Appointment: Always make an online appointment (
(Students / Foreign Students / Graduate School Students / E-mail consultation)
Same day visit: Visit in person without an appointment (Monday - Friday, 10:30 Building 61, Room 312)

Writing Clinic (One-to-One)

Tutors in charge of each major are systematically guided to meet the needs of the individual who is consulted for a certain period of time. During the semester, there are various counseling programs offered across multiple subjects such as the Report Concentration Guidance Program, Foreign Korean Writing Tutoring Program, and Writing Across the Curriculum (SNU-WAC) Program, along with a writing ability improvement program, which is an opportunity to receive more autonomous guidance during the vacation.

Writing Workshop

To help learners understand how to write reports, we operate a variety of writing workshops on different topics. We offer special classes every semester focusing on writing methods that are subdivided into major fields of study (the Humanities, Social Studies, Science and Engineering), and types of writing (reports, reviews, essays, columns). We also operate a workshop on how to write dissertations for graduate students and foreign students once or twice a year.

The Author's Lecture

Every year, we invite great writers from inside and outside of the school to give special lectures to prospective authors. For all stakeholders at Seoul National University, we offer a workshop on the attitudes and methods related to reading and writing.

Outstanding Report Contest

In order to encourage undergraduates' academic writing and to promote students' interest in good report writing skills, awards are given to students every semester. Excellent reports selected through a screening process are posted on the website as an exemplary writing example for students.

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