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As a world-class university that proudly representsthe Republic of Korea, Seoul National University has paved the way to thefuture as Korea’s most prestigious national institution for higher education.

The recent developments in science and technology in thefast-changing world present inevitable challenges to higher education.SNU is fully embracing these changes and making necessary innovations.

SNU will nurture global leaders with a creative mind, compassion andempathy. We will seek out the undiscovered pearls of talent from everycorner of our nation and help the students realize their true potential.

We will pursue original research that can open up new intellectual vistas,solve the critical problems facing our society, and endeavor to implement feasiblepolicies for the collective good.

We will forge a new path to a bright future as an intellectual communityand a global leader.It is with great pride that we look back on the great achievements of our university.

It is with great humility and determination that we now look forward toa new beginning of our great tradition.

Thank you for your warm and kind support for Seoul National University.


OH Se-Jung
Seoul National University

OH Se-Jung

Last updated in 2019