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Korean Language Course FAQ

Please visit the Office of Korean Language Education Center located at Bldg. #137 (Room 101) or visit the website for further information.


Tel 82-2-880-5488, 8570

Fax 82-2-871-6808

I don't even know the Korean Alphabet: You are in the Beginner Level. But don't worry! You will discover new things! You will also learn about yourself and make new friends!

I can't follow you. What are you talking about?: Join K3 Class! Then you will have a great time with your Korean friends! Of course, in Korean!

Are you familiar with specific terms in Korean?: In K4 and K5 class, you will learn high-level vocabulary of abstract concepts and also, understand Korean culture through field trips!

I really want to know current events in Korea!: Sure you do! In K6 class, you can read Korean newspapers and discuss current issues.

Do you know how to write a Study Plan & Personal Statement?: Then, join the Advanced Level! You will learn how to write formal essays and research papers.

Visit KLP and Join Us! Then you will have a richer experience of Korea!