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The Division of Educational Affairs, within the Office of Academic Affairs, located in the Administration Building (Bldg. #60, 1st floor), is responsible for keeping track of students' academic records and issuing related certificates. Any needs regarding one's academic records, including verification, changes, certificates, et cetera, are to be directed to the Division of Educational Affairs.

Types of Certificates Available

SNU offers a variety of certificates, each suited to a different purpose. The list below will help you find what you need.

The table including Description, Types of Certificates
Types of Certificates Description
Scholastic Record

Certifies a student’s official academic grades.

Minimum of one semester required for issuance

Honors and order of standing are included upon request

Graduation Certificate Certifies graduation from undergraduate programs.
Degree Certificate Certifies Master’s or Doctoral degrees earned.
Certificate of Course Completion Certifies completion of a certain academic program including medical, dental, and veterinary medical programs.
Certificate of Expected Graduation Certifies that a student is currently in the final semester of his/her undergraduate program, and will complete it.
Certificate of Expected Degree Certifies that a student is classified as a prospective graduate from a Master's or Doctoral program, and that their degree thesis is under review.
Certificate of Expected Course Completion Certifies that a student is currently registered in the final semester of their Master's or Doctoral program, and classified as a student who is expected to complete the course requirements by the end of the semester.
Attendance Certificate Certifies that a student is currently enrolled and attending SNU.
Enrollment Certificate Certifies past enrollment history. Students currently taking a leave of absence, or not registered for other reasons, are issued this certificate as proof of studentship at SNU.
Certificate of Graduate Research Student Certifies the status of a student who has completed course studies and is currently registered as a researcher for the completion of his/her thesis.
Certificate of Credit Acquisition in Law Certifies the credits earned from completing law courses approved by the Ministry of Justice.
Certificate of Expectant Acquisition on 
Teaching License Certifies the status of a student who has completed teacher training program and is scheduled to graduate.
Certificate of OpenCourse Completion Certifies completion of open lectures.

SNU Honors System

At the time of graduation, SNU grants honors to students who have achieved high levels of academic success. Honor awards can be printed on your official transcript or other certificates upon request. Awards will be indicated on certificates as, ‘graduated with honors. (Summa cum laude)’ If the applicant has a record of disciplinary action or eviction from SNU, honors will not be granted. The list of honors is as listed below.

For students graduating after 1994, two honors options are available.

Students with a GPA of 3.9 or above are awarded ’Summa cum laude.’

Students with a GPA of 3.6 or above are awarded ‘Cum laude.’

Grading and GPA display on official academic transcripts

Upon request, the 4.3-scale GPA may be converted to a percentage scale. This service is optional, and applicants must notify the school in advance.

The table including GRADE, GPA, 100%
GRADE, GPA, 100% score
GRADE A+ A0 A- B+ B0 B- C+ C0 C- D+ D0 D- F
GPA 4.3 4.0 3.7 3.3 3.0 2.7 2.3 2.0 1.7 1.3 1.0 0.7 0
100% 100 96 93 89 86 83 79 76 73 69 66 63 0
The table including GRADE, GPA, 100%
A+ 4.3 100
A0 4.0 96
A- 3.7 93
B+ 3.3 89
B0 3.0 86
B- 2.7 83
C+ 2.3 79
C0 2.0 76
C- 1.7 73
D+ 1.3 69
D0 1.0 66
D- 0.7 63
F 0 0

Last updated in 2012