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Korean Language Course scholarships

Scholarship opportunities are available for those that have enrolled in programs at the SNU’s Korean Language Education Institute. Students who complete five levels consecutively and receive five awards of perfect attendance or honor consecutively are awarded a scholarship amounting to 100% of the subsequent level's tuition fee. Those who achieve high grades and set an example for others may be awarded a scholarship in the amount of KRW 300,000 upon the recommendation of their teachers. Students may also be awarded scholarships upon the recommendation of teachers and through a meeting of the administration committee.

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Teaching Assistant Scholarship

Students who speak fluent English, Japanese or Chinese as well as fluent in Korean and love to help people are encouraged to apply to be a Teaching Assistant (T.A.). Recipients should work 15 hours a week supporting administrative tasks (correcting papers, etc.) and counseling other students. A stipend is paid to the recipient directly to his or her personal bank account.


Information desk of KLEC (Building #137, Room 101)

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