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Excellence in Research Award

Seoul National University created Excellence in Research Award in 2008 to honor professors who made significant contribution to knowledge.

AHN Kyung Hyun/Professor, College of Engineering Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Professor Ahn has worked to develop the field of rheology in Korea and has pioneered the field of nonlinear rheology beyond the limitations of existing linear rheology. He presented a new concept and method of non-uniformity internationally through more than 230 SCI-level papers published in academic journals. He also established a platform for application in industry and demonstrated leadership for developing the domestic industrial system.

CHUN Youngsub/Professor, College of Social Sciences Dept. of Economics

Professor Jeon contributed greatly to research in theory and public economics by analyzing fair distribution rules for cost and benefit distribution problems where individual interests conflict with various approaches. His research results have been published in about 70 SSCI-level journals. He served as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Game Theory, Social Choice and Welfare and as a Economic Theory Fellow for the Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory in 2021.

JANG Jin-Young/Professor, College of Medicine Dept. of Surgery

Professor Jang has made great efforts to advance research on pancreatic and biliary cancer in Korea. He developed and commercialized biomarkers for the early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer. Additionally, he established and published international guidelines for the treatment of pre-pancreatic cancer lesions for the first time as a Korean researcher. He has published about 450 SCI-level papers as well as 12 Korean and English textbooks on the results of clinical research on pancreatic and biliary cancer.

KIM Ho-Young/Professor, College of Engineering Dept. of Mechanical Engineering

Professor Kim is the leader of microfluidics and soft matter dynamics and is applying them to the development of biomimetic machine technology. He revealed that fish gills, human lungs, and rice roots have optimal hydrodynamic structures. Additionally, he developed a super-strong hydrogel actuator that mimics the root cell structure of a rock piercing plant. This biomimetic soft machine technology was conceived from the structure and movement of soft animals and plants, and was published as a paper in international journals Science and Science Robotics. Professor Kim was named a Fellow of the American Physical Society in 2017.

KIM Hyoung Seok/Professor, School of Law Dept. of Law

Professor Kim has conducted research on various practical issues raised in civil practice in Korea with the help of historical and comparative methods. The subjects of these papers span the entire scope of civil law, such as property, kinship, and inheritance that are continuously reference by academia and practice. In addition, he was involved in the legislative process to revise the Civil Code and Civil Procedure Code to introduce the adult guardianship system.

YOON Tae-Young/Professor, College of Natural Sciences School of Biological Sciences

Professor Yoon has made great efforts to develop biophysical research in Korea. He also developed an experimental methodology in 2019 that reveals the folding pathway of complex membrane proteins at the level of several amino acids. In addition, he published more than 70 SCI-level academic papers on the biological membranes and phase separation of membrane proteins.