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Services for Students Gwanak Residence Halls

Gwanak Residence Halls

The Gwanak Residence Halls hosts undergraduates, graduates, and families numbering over 5,000 people and hailing from over 80 countries. The diversity of personalities, cultures, and educations on display will promote coexistence and harmony within the shared space.

Current Status

Student Residence Halls

The Student Residence Halls are intended for incoming and currently enrolled undergraduate and graduate students, and provides a space that allows students to focus on their academics.
Located near the back gate, the space features 17 residence halls that can house about 5,700 students in a multi-family apartment structure.

Family Residence Halls

The Family Residence Halls are living spaces intended for graduate students (including researchers) that are married, and provides a space in which they can live with their families. Located between the Research Park and the Hoam Faculty Center, the space features 5 residence halls that are 5 stories each and can house about 200 families in a multi-family apartment structure.

BK Residence Halls

The BK Residence Hall provides faculty and researchers (both domestic and international) with a living space. Located near the back gate, it is available in 'family room' and 'studio' formats and can house about 391 families in a multi-family apartment structure.

Student Residence Halls (Global)

Student Residence Halls (Global) are intended for foreign students and are housed in 3 different residence blocks (915 - 917 dong). The space is designed to promote cultural exchange among students and features various convenience facilities in addition to 2-person & 4-person rooms, in addition to separate rooms for students with disabilities. The space seeks to become a warm resting place for both foreign and domestic students, thereby promoting cultural exchange and understanding between all who share the space.


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Health Center

A Health center that provides Fitness, Pilates, Yoga, Dance services.

Counseling Services

A Counseling Center open to residents for their mental and emotional well-being.

Convenience Facilities

Cafeteria, Convenience Store, Cafe, Kitchen

Sports Field, Baseball Cage, Fitness Center, Coin Noraebang, Ping Pong Table

Halls (Ga-on and Da-in), Practice Rooms

Laundromat, Study Room, Lounge, International Culture Center, SnuHair, Stationary Store, Mail Room, Book Return

Dormitories of Medical Campus in Yeongeon

Wangyong-sa and Hamchoon-sa

Wangyong-sa and Hamchoon-sa, are for students of College of Medicine, which houses about 160 students.
Hamchoon-sa is for third- and fourth-year students of College of Nursing.


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Wangyong-sa, Chongyong-sa Administrative Office 82-2-740-8056 ~ 8
Hamchoon-sa, College of Nursing Administrative Office 82-2-740-8847

Dongsung-dong International House

Dongsung-dong International House is only for international students in Yeongeon Campus. It has 11 single rooms, 15 double rooms, and 7 family rooms.


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International House Administrative Office 82-2-880-8499

Last updated in 2016