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Students with Disabilities

Center for Students with Disabilities

Seoul National University is committed to equality of educational opportunity for all students. The Center for Students with Disabilities facilitates academic accommodations and services for students with disabilities so that these students have equal access to the University programs and activities, and can participate fully in all aspects of university life.

Online Services for Students

The Center provides assistance to students with varying types and degrees disabilities in order to maximize educational opportunity and academic potential.

Academic Accommodations

Priority Registration for Classes

Students with disabilities can register for classes before the normal registration period starts.

Accommodation Letter

To ensure an equitable educational environment for students with disabilities, SNU provides Accommodation Letter service. By sending the letter to the lecturer of the class, students can inform the lecturer of the disabilities he/she has.

Assistive Technology Services

To accommodate a better academic environment for handicapped students, the Center provides various software and devices such as [Zoom Text Xtra 7.1], [Eye for Windows], special printers, and wheelchairs.

Academic Assistant

The Center for Students with Disabilities offers an academic assistant service. An academic assistant helps with various academic difficulties you may face in your class. This service includes coordination of sign language interpreters, note-taker referral and coordination, etc.

Other Academic Accommodations

Free laptop rental

Preferential seating in classrooms (e.g. front row seating)

Services in the University Library (e.g. assistance in accessing materials in the stacks, delivery of library materials, etc.)

Mobility & Housing Accommodations

Special Transportation Service/Campus Accessibility

The Center for Students with Disabilities provides Transportation Service for students who have mobility challenges or are blind. To help students with disabilities reach their classrooms more easily and further increase their mobility around the campus, the Center operates a bus equipped with wheelchair lift devices and Public Service Personnel to assist the students. The bus routes will be decided each semester after considering the size of the group using the service and the routes of individual students. Routes for students with wheelchairs are marked on the Campus Map.

Dormitory Accommodation

For students with mobility challenges, SNU Dormitory provides priority registration service for the first floor of the dorm.

Families Dormitory Accommodation

For students with crippling disorders who need special help from their family, we offer priority assignment for the Families Dormitory. For more information about the Families Dormitory, please see the Gwanaksa website.

Campus Life Accommodations

Freshmen Orientation

The Center for Students with Disabilities holds an orientation for new students with disabilities. The Center offers information on Disability Accommodations and an opportunity to meet Center staff and other students with disabilities.

Consultation Program

To help students with disabilities facing disability-related problems, the Center offers a Consultation Program. It provides various sessions about Relationships, Communication, Coping with Difficulties, Social Skills, etc. Students can choose between individual sessions and group sessions. Students are encouraged to come to our office with any disability-related problem they encounter.

Social Gatherings

To improve handicapped students’ educational environment, social gatherings are also held. Families or helpers can also attend. For students with hearing impairment, sign language interpreting is provided at the gatherings. By attending these social gatherings, students can participate in establishing and communicating criteria for disability services at the University.

In-depth Interview

The Center for Students with Disabilities tries to offer individually apt service by interviewing personally every new student with disabilities. The student can be actively involved in the meeting to determine their accommodations. An interview is usually conducted once per semester for two hours. The Center will offer support for campus life difficulties, academic requests, and other needs. If you have any questions or concerns, or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact the Center for Students with Disabilities at 82-2-880-8787.

Location and Contact Information

Center for
Students with Disabilities

1st floor of the Administration Building (next to the Post Office)

09:00 - 18:00