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A Tradition of Excellence(2008) Video

A Tradition of Excellence(2008)

- A Tradition of Excellence - Since its founding in 1946 as the first national university in Korea, Seoul National University has represented the highest hopes and dreams of generations of Korean students. In Korea, the very best students dream of coming to Seoul National University, the top ranking university in Korea. Only the top 1% manage to enter. Why do students dream of entering Seoul National University? Because of its stellar students, because of its star faculty and its state-of-the-art research facilities. Because they know that their experiences here will transform them for life. Because, as the graduates of Seoul National University, they will be able to make a difference. (Interview) V. Narry Kim Professor of Biological Science, Seoul National University "Since I started teaching here in 2001, I have been publishing the results of my research in prominent journals such as Nature and Molecular Cell, and graduate students in my lab have received research prizes such as the Harold M. Weintraub Graduate Student Award. This is more than ample proof that we meet the global standard in scientific research." - A World of Opportunities - Today Seoul National University is committed to continuing leadership both in education and research at the university level. It is also committed to enabling its students to become true citizens of the world. Seoul National University has exchange programs with leading universities around the world, and is working to diversify its student and faculty body. Numerous international summer programs, internship programs and scholarship programs are currently in place to provide students with the world of opportunities. There are plans for an 'international campus' where all lectures to be conducted in English. Being a Seoul National University student is not only about being top in Korea. It is about rising to the challenge of a globalized world to negotiate culture diversity and difference with open spirit. (Interview) Hongkun Park Professor of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University "It has been eight years already since I started teaching here at Harvard. I believe Seoul National University students rival students at Harvard in terms of their academic caliber. And I am always proud to see Korean students do well at Harvard." Neil Chisholm College of Law, Exchange student from University of Oxford "I came to Seoul National two years ago. It's my dream to come back because of just world-class facilities and faculty here. And it has been just so rewarding to be here again, to be with all these wonderful professors and to take these great classes. I'm really thankful for this opportunity." Bin Kim M.A. student, Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT Graduated from SNU in 2007 "The four intense years I spent at SNU studying and working with brilliant fellow students have given me the confidence and competence to do well here at MIT as well." - Honoring Public Service - Seoul National University is a proud institution. It is proud of its students and faculty. It is also proud of its alumni. In 2009, a survey by the Ecole des Mines de Paris placed SNU amongst the world's top 5th university as an educator of CEOs of Fortune 500 companies. But Seoul National university is proudest of its all of the alumni who have shown that being a true leader means serving others. The late World Health Organization Director-General, Dr. Lee Jong-wook, who is called 'Asia's Schweitzer', and the current UN Secretary -General Mr. Ban Ki-moon are both Seoul National University alumni. - Leading the Future - Seoul National University is working to ensure that it will be able to continue leading the way into the far future. In collaboration with global Korean companies, Seoul National is developing technologies that are relevant to industry sectors. A new multi-campus is in the work to support cutting-edge research. In Pyeong-chang, Seoul National is building a biological science research complex. In Gwang-gyo, Seoul National is building Advanced Institutes of Convergence Technology that will enable it to become a leader of IT, BT and NT technologies. In addition, the university is planning a Bio-IT research complex in Incheon. With these new facilities, Seoul National University will be able to leap forward to become a leading university in the world. (Interview) Ilsu Sohn M.A. student, Department of English Language and Literature "My undergraduate major was natural science, but now I'm a graduate student in English literature. I think learning to communicate across intellectual and cultural boundaries is the key to the future. I'm interested in bridging tradition and modernity, Korea and the world. I'm sure that Seoul National University is helping me build those bridges." Mijin Cho Undergraduate student, Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering "Seoul National University has long been a dream university for students in Korea. Being here, I feel that everything is possible. I feel supported and encouraged in every way. It would be wonderful to be able to share this experience with more international students and teachers." With its intellect, passion and conscience, Seoul National University will continue to lead the way. In Korea, in East Asia and in the world, This is a university that makes leaders who make a difference. Be a part of Seoul National University experience!
SNU, Pride of Korea(2005) Video

SNU, Pride of Korea(2005)

Seoul National University, is the leading force of Korea The Korean wave is sweeping across Asia. The achievements of the Korean people in semiconductors, automobiles, ship building, and IT are drawing the world’s attention. Korea has become one of the leading nations of the world. At the forefront of our nation’s stance, Seoul National University! The Pride of Korea, SNU Seoul and SNU The Korean peninsula has a rich history of 5,000 years, and at the center lies the City of Seoul. Seoul is Korea’s capital, and the center of its politics, economy, and culture. It’s a dynamic city where Korea’s past, present and future are revealed at a single glance. Just as Beijing University and University of Tokyo are representatives of Higher Education in their respective countries, Seoul National University represents Korea. SNU’s History and Identity Seoul National University was founded in 1946 as the first national university in Korea. Throughout of its 50 years of history, Seoul National University has pioneered Korea’s academic achievements under the banner “A University of Scholarship, of the people, and of the world.” In particular, its students and scholars have devoted themselves to the democratization of our nation by practicing each critical junction of modern Korean history. Results and Achievements Seoul National University is the cradle of higher learning for our nation’s elite. Not only did SNU play a leading role in economic development, but its talented graduates have also been fulfilling their responsibilities in politics, the sciences and the arts. Especially SNU has made numerous contributions to scientific research. In 2004 it ranked number 32 in the Science Citation Index, the worldwide standard for gazing the research capacity of individual nations. Our researchers independently developed the scanning tunneling microscope which opened door to nano science, and successfully developed a way to produce nano-particles which form the core of nano technology at a milli-thousand of the cost of existing method, and with 1,000 times more output. Researchers at SNU also developed world’s first hepatitis B vaccine, and they continue to produce new cutting-edge research everyday. At its Kyujanggak Archives which contain over 260,000 ancient records including the world documentary heritage “The Annals of Joseon Dynasty” have firmly established SNU’s point as the center of research and preservation for Korea’s traditional culture. Upon the foundation of these achievements, Seoul National University will continue to evolve as a world class university at the forefront of the 21 century. SNU in the World Beyond Korea and into the World! By carrying on exchanges with renowned colleges and universities around the world, Seoul National University has gained reputation of being a truly international institution. As of 2005, it has signed academic exchange agreements with 79 universities in 28 countries, firmly establishing its position as the academic herb of East Asia. Over 700 students from 58 countries are herded work in our various programs. SNU is educating its students to be creative thinkers with the ability to freely communicate with people from all parts of the globe. SNU’s doors are open to the world. SNU’s Future Vision 21 A University of mixed challenge for a greater tomorrow! The future of Seoul National University has already begun. A global campus that pursues academic and cultural exchanges with renowned universities the world over, A university with superior research environment and outstanding academic achievements, A university for creative intellectuals who contribute to the advancement of all mankind, This is the future that SNU will realize in the years ahead. With this strength and the willpower that created the miracle of the Han River, Seoul National University now heads out into the world. A university that always puts the future of the global community first, A university of the world, A university of tomorrow, is Seoul National University