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Service to Society Award

Seoul National University established Service to Society Award in 2011 to honor the faculty members who are engaged in social problems and committed to helping other people. The award is granted annually by the university president.

CHOI In-young/Teacher of Seoul National University Girls’ Middle School

• Visited Jangbong Hyerimwon, the facility where people with intellectual disabilities live, with students for 22 years, which helped students to promote a sense of citizenship

KIM Pil-joo/President of NGO Assoiciation

• Devoted to solve the problem of food shortages in North Korea through agricultural technology support, which led to the selection as the “150 Women Who Shake The World”

KIM Tae-woo/Professor of Seoul National University

• Planned various volunteer programs and participated in dental medical services not only in domestic also foreign with “DeCA” student club members
• Raised the level of dentistry in the medical developing countries by visiting and giving professional lectures