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Support for Internal Projects

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Support for Internal Projects

Creative-Pioneering Researchers Program


Full-time assistant professor or associate professor employed by the University for less than 2 years

Business Items

Support fields

All academic fields

Research period

Maximum 9 years (3years+3years+3years)

Amount of Supporting Funds

Up to 30 million KRW for theoretical research and up to 100 million KRW for experimental research

New Faculty Research Settlement Grand


Aims to maximize the research capacity of new professors through support of research resettlement funds and facilitate the invitation of outstanding academic talent at a national and international level, maximize international research competitiveness by expanding the chances for new professors to participate in research projects, thereby maximizing the capacity and drive for research.

Business Items

Support fields

All academic fields (no limits)

Research method and period

One year for a single research project

Amount of Supporting Funds

30 million KRW to be paid at once as basic research expenses for each project (additional 10 million KRW support to be provided for each project in case laboratory experiments equipment and material expenses are needed for experiments and practical application)


Newly hired full-time faculty (including fund professors funded by development funds)

Professors that have already received new professor research resettlement funds (while working as a fund professor etc.), and contract professors and fund professors reliant on Seoul National University are excluded.


Support provided twice a year (first half-year: every April, second half-year: every October)

Work Procedure

Establish basic business plan and detailed plan → Communicate official notice of business implementation → Submit research project application → Project evaluation → Final notification of support project → Payment decision → Deposit research expenses (institution bank account) → Submit results report (within one year of the end of the research period)

Required documents when applying for a research project: Application for research funding, research plan, and budget execution statement

Support for Convergence-Fusion Research Project


Find and support interdisciplinary convergence and fusion research projects, thereby integrating humanities inspired imagination, scientific rationality and artistic creativity in order to provide creative and rational solutions for complex social problems, provide a foundation for joint research and contribute to academic advancement.

Business contents

Direction of support

Research teams with participants from two or more colleges or three or more departments for the expansion of inter-disciplinary convergence and complex research

Convergence and complex research fields from Humanities and Social Sciences (e.g.,Humanities, Social Sciences, Art, Athletics etc.) and Natural Sciences and Engineering (e.g.,Natural Sciences, Engineering, Medicine and Pharmacy, Agriculture, Oceanology etc.)


Full-time faculty or fund faculty currently working at the university

Research team participant criteria

A research team must include participants from two or more colleges or three or more departments

Full-time faculty, fund faculty or researcher currently working at the university or full-time faculty from other universities

Fund amount

Differs depending on the size and the nature of the projects

Support for World-leading University Fostering Program


Perform competency analysis and devise a growth strategy based on analysis of the status quo and evaluation of target subject areas by external reviewers

Devise strategies to continuously improve world university ranking


Direction of support

To foster world-class research and enter the top 10 in world rankings by providing intensive support for select high-value academic fields

To transform SNU into a leading institution for research and lay the groundwork to advance global research and learning

To explore proactive growth strategies and drive academic excellence by promoting productive competition among subject areas

Supporting fields

All academic subject areas

Evaluation Criteria: Conduct a comprehensive review including, but not limited to, the following criteria: growth potential, performance goals, relevance/feasibility/sustainability of execution plan, relevance of performance management schemes, adequacy of budget plan

Fund amount

Differs depending on the size and the subject areas.

- 15 project groups are selected and placed into one of two funding programs according to evaluation results

- 10 excellent subject areas receive 300 million KRW/year

- 5 promising subject areas with high potential receive 100 million KRW/year