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Campus Tours

Campus Tours

SNU Campus Tour accommodates more than 2,000 visitors from all around the world every year. With the SNU Student Ambassadors supported by the Office of International Affairs, we provide various forms of tours from an indoor tour, SSA-led walking tour to bus tours to guide the visitors through the history and vision of Seoul National University. SSAPeople who visit Seoul National University are from high schools and colleges, NGOs to government-owned institutions.

Group Tours

Number of Tours per week: It depends on the situation, Mon-Fri (11:00 - 16:00).

For Whom: Middle & High school students and educational Institutions

How to Apply: Make a reservation at (http://oia-campustours.snu.ac.kr) and fill out a visit request form. We will inform you whether or not campus tour is available.

OIA Campus Tours website

Points to Note: Campus tour will be cancelled if you are 15 minutes late.

Benefits: SNU Student Ambassadors will be provided as tour guide.

Self-Guided Campus Tours

For Whom: Anyone interested in visiting Seoul National University and do not apply Group Tours.

Please note that there is limited amount of parking space. Hence, it may be difficult to find a place to park, especially for larger vehicles. Also, There is a parking fee. Basic rate is 1,500 won per 30 minutes. (extra 300 won charged for every 30minutes)

No other benefits provided. You can just walk around anywhere you like to visit.

Self-Guided Campus Tours

Last updated in 2018