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Professor HWANG Seung-sik
Prof. HWANG Seung-sik
Environmental Epidemiology, Spatiotemporal Epidemiology, Injury/Disaster/Emergency Medical System Epidemiology
Professor KIM, Yoon
Prof. KIM, Yoon
Healthcare Performance Management, Mental Health, Emergency Medical Service, and Medical Informatics
Professor LEE Howard
Prof. LEE Howard
Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Regulatory Science, Drug Development Science, Artificial Intelligence in Drug Development, Microtracing study, Modeling and simulation in drug development, Pharmacoepigenomics
Professor CHUNG, Jae Yong
Prof. CHUNG, Jae Yong
Drug Transporters and Early-phase Clinical Development of New Drugs
Professor PARK, Wan Beom
Prof. PARK, Wan Beom
Infectious Disease