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Professor CHANG Hyeshik
Prof. CHANG Hyeshik
High-throughput Biology
Professor LEE Hyunsook
Prof. LEE Hyunsook
Roles of the tumor suppressor BRCA2 in DNA repair and cell cycle control. Regulation of mitosis and the development of chromosome instability in cancer (CIN). Telomere maintenance and cancer susceptibility. Development and analyses of mouse and zebrafish models for CIN type cancer.
Professor KIM, Yoon
Prof. KIM, Yoon
Healthcare Performance Management, Mental Health, Emergency Medical Service, and Medical Informatics
Professor PARK Do Joon
Prof. PARK Do Joon
Professor KIM Hongsoo
Prof. KIM Hongsoo
Health Policy and Aging, Health Services, Systems and Outcomes Research, Population Health, Health and Social Care, Long-term and Chronic Care Policy, Nursing Policy, ICT & Health Innovation, Quantitative Research Methods