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Professor PARK, Kyoung Un
Prof. PARK, Kyoung Un
Transfusion Medicine, Molecular Diagnostics
Professor LEE Soohyung
Prof. LEE Soohyung
Applied Econometrics specialized in Labor, Public, Development, and Market Design
Professor YIM, Jae-Joon
Prof. YIM, Jae-Joon
Tuberculosis and Non-tuberculous Mycobacterial Lung Disease
Professor YOO Myoungsoon
Prof. YOO Myoungsoon
Crisis Communication, Public Perception and Outrage of Health and Environmental Risks, Embitterment and Societal Well-being, Patient/Person Centered healthcare communication
Professor KWON Hyunji
Prof. KWON Hyunji
Sociology of Labor, Comparative Industrial Relation, Labor Market and Inequality Study