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Professor KIM, Yoon
Prof. KIM, Yoon
Healthcare Performance Management, Mental Health, Emergency Medical Service, and Medical Informatics
Professor KIM V. Narry
Prof. KIM V. Narry
Our lab researches gene regulation mediated by RNA. RNAs are at the core of posttranscriptional regulation, and play pivotal roles in developmental and pathological pathways. We currently work on three major topics (microRNA, RNA tail, and RNA binding proteins) applying biochemical and molecular biological tools, as well as genetic, biophysical, and computational approaches.
Professor HAHN, Seokyung
Prof. HAHN, Seokyung
Medical Statistician
Professor PARK, Kyoung Un
Prof. PARK, Kyoung Un
Transfusion Medicine, Molecular Diagnostics
Professor KU, Inhoe
Prof. KU, Inhoe
Poverty, Inequality and Social Welfare Policy, Policy Analysis and Evaluation