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A Community of Knowledge,
Leading the Future

a Converged

an Innovative

Social Values

a Foundation
for Sustainable

Fostering a Converged
Global Talent

An autonomous, convergence education system with the aim of strengthening creativity and character

We provide various academic opportunities with the goal of introducing a convergent L-shaped education system to break down barriers between the different majors, engaging in interdisciplinary exploration of life's core themes, fostering critical and creative thinking, deep discussions, and cultivating collaborative practical skills. Through student-led education programs, student-designed majors, and interdisciplinary theme courses, we aim to facilitate collaboration of different perspectives.

Nurturing Leaders with Intellectual and Moral Integrity

In order to foster holistic future-oriented talents who embody the practice of "living together," we are establishing a residential college that integrates education and everyday life. Through specific foundational courses offered by the Faculty of Liberal Education for freshmen and continuing students, as well as with the supplementary of student-driven extracurricular activities, we aim to foster individuals with leadership qualities and tolerance for diversity.

Building an Innovative
Knowledge Ecosystem

Establishing an Open Innovation Research Ecosystem

Supported through various efforts between universities and businesses, we are striving to activate industry-academia collaboration by selecting outstanding technologies with commercialization potential. Also, by exploring high-quality patents, we are conducting technology matching and transfer between diverse domestic and international companies. Furthermore, we have created the SNU Startup Valley in collaboration with the local community to establish a global industrial innovation ecosystem and an open cluster in preparation for the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Promoting Academic Fields with World-class Research Capacities, SNU 10-10 Project

The SNU 10-10 Project is a core initiative that aims to make a leap towards being included within the top 10 leading members with global research capabilities. This project has its goals in selecting and supporting academic fields that have demonstrated excellent capabilities and high potential, fostering their growth and development. Through this, we will establish a research ecosystem that takes a leading role in the future and further secure SNU as a research-intensive university that generates world-class academic achievements.

Creating Knowledge-Based
Social Values

Implementing the Concept of University in Society through the Cycle of Sharing and Domestic/International Social Contribution Activities

Through the exploration of various social contribution activities, we foster individuals who embody the spirit of sharing and thus actively engage in volunteer work. By engaging in social activities integrated with education, students have the opportunity to experience while also making broad contributions to society. Through these diverse activities, students come to understand concepts such as volunteerism, global citizenship, and human rights, fostering their growth as individuals with both a pragmatic vision and a compassionate heart, known as "Shanum-hyung" at SNU.

SNU Institute for Future Strategy, the Korean Think-Tank

The institute seeks the vision of the domestic and international society and proposes policies by conducting convergent and complex research utilizing SNU’s collective intelligence and research infrastructure. We are striving to serve as a national think tank by studying mid- to long-term challenges in Korea including population issues and sharing the results with the government and society.

Establishing a Foundation
for Sustainable
University Development

Establishment of a future-oriented smart multi-campus

To lead the fourth industrial revolution and secure the driving force for innovative growth, a global R&D campus will be established. This campus will focus on research and educational facilities in the field of unmanned mobility (e.g., autonomous vehicles, drones, unmanned ships) to generate future growth momentum. We are constructing an eco-friendly smart campus that embraces innovative changes in the future education environment and promotes energy efficiency through the implementation of cutting-edge ICT technologies.

Establishing a system for university innovation

In order to systematically and comprehensively drive the necessary innovations in universities amidst rapid societal changes, we have established a University Innovation Center. University Innovation Center will act as a think-tank that will pioneer the higher education of the future by sponsoring mid- to long-term research projects through extensive data analysis.