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Development Achievement Award

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Development Achievement Award

JUNG Hyuk-jin/Representative of U-sung Trading

• Donated to diverse school institutions, including College of Humanities, College of Natural Sciences, College of Art, College of Medicine, Institute of Historical Research, Cancer Research Institute and etc, which would make huge help for the university’s overall development

KWON Oh-hyun/Executive advisor of SAMSUNG ELECTRONICS CO,.LTD

• Was selected as one of the 100 most influential people by Time, an American news magazine, which enhanced the country's international prestige
• Donated large amounts not only through corporate-level but also personally, and this money is being used to help economically disadvantaged students

LEE Hyun-soo/Chairman of the board of SFU(Seohyun Foundation Uganda)

• Founded and has managed the missionary NGO, SFU(Seohyun Foundation Uganda), focusing on the development of regional community(including education, medical service and supply of water) in Uganda
• Donated in various areas for the funds of studyhardware, scholarship, rebuilding of Building 75, and etc
• Went through the roles as the vice chairman of the alumni in College of Agriculture and Life Sciences, chairman of the alumni association and the director of the Sangnok Cultural Foundation

LEE Ki-hyung/Chairman of Interpark

• Pioneered the national e-commerce industry for the first time
• Sponsered the production of the introduction video for College of Natural Sciences and a mini-lecture video for Seoul National University Strategy Comission
• Has co-hosted the annual 'Natural Sciences Open Lecture' with College of Natural Sciences since 2015
• Raised scholarship fund for economically struggling students in College of Natural Sciences and also promised to make regular donations continuously