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Excellence in Teaching Award

Seoul National University created Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005 to honor professors who provided students with the best education and to encourage all the faculty members to put sincere efforts in teaching as well as research.

YI Sang-Seung/Professor, Seoul National University Department of Economics

For outstanding ability in explaining complex concepts simply, and to keep lectures interesting by incorporating real world examples. Students of his mathematical economics and industrial organization classes are left with a greater appreciation of not only the subject matter but also the ways in which they are conveyed.

CHOI Yeonhee/Professor, Seoul National University Department of Biological Sciences

For the ability to inspire and pave the way for aspiring plant biologists by teaching modern plant biology, genetics, and molecular biology

LEE Dongwhan/Professor, Seoul National University Department of Chemistry

• Received the College of Natural Sciences’ ‘Best Course Award’ two years in a row(2015, 2016) for his class in inorganic chemistry
• Reorganized organic and inorganic chemistry labs to include both synthetic and analytic chemistry and developed a textbook for the course
• Contributed to the development of various educational content on scientific writing, including the prevention of plagiarism

LEE Yoon woo/Professor, Seoul National University Department of Chemical and Biological Engineering

• Revamped the “Biochemistry Process Lab” course to better prepare students for the upcoming fourth industrial revolution
• In his capacity as dean, devoted himself to the establishment of the Graduate School of Engineering and its curriculum
• Provided lectures beyond his required teaching time, teaching both theory and practical application cases

CHUN Byung-Gon/Professor, Seoul National University Department of Computer Science and Engineering

• Fostered interdisciplinary talent in various industries by comprehensively teaching IoT, artificial intelligence and big data, which are the foundation of the fourth industrial revolution
• Contributed to popularizing education for the fourth industrial revolution by introducing the concepts of big data and artificial intelligence to ordinary people through K-MOOC

KIM Hong Sok(Brian)/Professor, Seoul National University Department of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development

• Taught a highly acclaimed seminar-style class introducing the latest sustainable economic development theories and methodologies
• Provided courses exclusively in English to foster a global mindset and encourage exchanges among Korean and foreign students
• Contributed to the internationalization of SNU by developing foreign language courses and presenting various initiatives to help international students settle into the school community

SHIN JwaSeop/Professor, College of Medicine

• Contributed to the development of new courses and the establishment of the master’s and doctoral degrees as the first head of the Department of Medical Education
• Developed various medical education courses such as “Leadership Program for Medical Professors”, “Effective Conferencing”
• Contributed to promoting the medical education capabilities of SNU by holding positions of influence in organizations at home and abroad related to medical education

HAN Kyung-Koo/Professor, College of Liberal Studies

• An advanced educator who has represented the model of undergraduate education at SNU, having been in charge of planning, operating and managing education at the College of Liberal Studies since its founding
• Stressing the importance of extracurricular education, contributed to the operation of various programs such as a course inviting renowned scholars in Korea as guest lecturers and a camp for discussing books with their authors

YOO Seunghyun/Professor, Graduate School of Public Health

• Developed a curriculum which encourages students to link ideas derived from lectures and discussions to actual field application
• Provided an opportunity for students from various majors to look at urban health from different angles and share their experiences through the course “Urban Health and Community Studies”

LEE Keun-Gwan/Professor, Seoul National University School of Law

• Used his domain knowledge in international law, foreign language ability, relatability with students and extensive international experience to actively engage in international-scale education projects
• Conceived and taught the courses “Understanding Korean Law” and “East Asian International Law” for international students
• Contributed to the expansion of educational programs off campus, such as offering special lectures by the Hague International Law Academy

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