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Excellence in Teaching Award

Seoul National University created Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005 to honor professors who provided students with the best education and to encourage all the faculty members to put sincere efforts in teaching as well as research.

CHOI Taehyon/Professor, Graduate School of Public Administration, Dept. of Public Administration

Professor Choi has been in charge of courses such as 〈The Modern State and Public Administration〉, 〈Administrative Theory〉, and 〈Theories and Philosophy of Public Administration〉. He has been highly rated for the thoroughness of his lecture content and for fostering communication and feedback among students, using methods like written quizzes for feedback, case practice, presentation and discussion of current issues, and introducing the organizations and work of students in the field. Particularly, he has developed and applied various teaching methods to actively respond to the COVID-19 situation, demonstrating excellence in arousing students' interest and motivation. He has also contributed to the development of educational content, including co-authoring textbooks 'Democracy for the least' and 'Social Research for All: Science, Method, Democracy' (selected as Sejong Books), and a series of policy case studies

HAN Byung Woo/Professor, College of Pharmacy, Department of Pharmacy

Professor Han has been responsible for courses such as 〈SNU@Pharm Global Leadership Program〉, 〈Pharmaco-Computational Structural Biology〉, and 〈Biochemistry〉, where he effectively implemented a learner-centered teaching method based on communication and empathy. He has provided high-quality lectures based on thorough content review, individual questions, and excellent delivery, thus inspiring and motivating students and exemplifying an ideal educator. Additionally, he contributed to nurturing pharmacy talents capable of leading the era by developing educational content, including co-translating 'Lehninger Principles of Biochemistry,' and co-authoring 'Pharmaceutical Biochemistry Experiments' and 'Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology'

JEONG Yoonchan/Professor, College of Engineering, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering

Professor Jeong has conducted all major courses, including 〈Electromagnetics〉, in English, providing abundant lecture materials, smooth feedback, and interactive on-site lectures with real-time demonstrations and experiments. He tailored his teaching to enable both domestic and international students to achieve their academic best through individual and small group consultations with all students. Additionally, as the vice-director of the BK21 Future IT Talent Education Research Group, he contributed to establishing and implementing a new operational system for graduate education in the Department of Electrical and Information Engineering by presenting the vision and goals of a 'World Top 10 Research-Focused Graduate School Education' that goes beyond existing paradigms

LEE Haewan/Professor, College of Humanities, Dept. of Aesthetics

Professor Lee has taught courses such as 〈Principles of Aesthetics〉 and 〈Reading and Research〉, demonstrating high lecture delivery skills and exemplary communication and consideration for students at both the beginning and the end of major education. He also successfully established and consolidated liberal arts courses including 〈Freshman Seminars: Creativity and Challenge〉 and 〈Art and Value〉, as well as co-taught subjects like 〈Big Data and AI in Arts〉, developing substantial content-rich courses that are tailored to the students' level.

LEE Jungmin/Professor, College of Social Sciences, Dept. of Economics

Professor Lee continuously teaches the Economics Department's signature courses, 〈Principles of Economics 1〉 and 〈Labour Economics〉. He consistently improves the content and format to match the level of the students, resulting in positive lecture evaluations. Additionally, to overcome the drawbacks of large lectures, he participates in developing a hybrid model, continually experiments with initiatives like the undergraduate teaching assistant (TA) system, and produces key concept videos. He has also been implementing peer-to-peer learning using undergraduate fellow teaching assistants, thereby conducting friendly and clear lectures.

LEE Sang-il/Professor, College of Education, Dept. of Geography Education

Professor Lee developed and managed the course 〈Population Geography〉 by integrating it with spatial data science and demography, presenting a new course design that reflects contemporary trends. He developed and provided various educational contents, including hundreds of pages of textbook-level lecture notes and hundreds of the latest visual materials (graphs and maps). Additionally, he significantly contributed to opening new horizons in AI-integrated humanities and social education by leading the development and management of the course 〈Designing Human and Social Education Contents for AI Convergence Education〉 in the AI Convergence Education Department"

NA Yong Su/Professor, College of Engineering, Dept. of Nuclear Engineering

Professor Na has been in charge of subjects such as 〈Prospect of Nuclear Engineering〉 and 〈Introduction to Plasma Physics〉, breaking away from traditional rote learning by applying and developing various teaching methods such as collaborative team teaching-based flipped learning, contributing to the improvement of university education. Supported by the Ministry of Science and Technology, he uploaded lecture videos on YouTube, providing relevant major education to students of other universities that do not have nuclear fusion and plasma majors. Furthermore, based on his freshman seminar lectures, he published the book "Can Creativity Be Practiced?" and developed courses like 〈Decomposition and Re-creation : Creativity and Inquiry〉, contributing to the cultivation of creativity in education within the university.

SEO Insuk/Associate Professor, College of Natural Sciences, Dept. of Mathematical Sciences

Associate Professor Seo has consistently received the highest level of lecture evaluations for various major courses, including 〈Real Analysis〉, thanks to his excellent lecture preparation, outstanding teaching ability, and meticulous operation of courses. As a result, he was awarded the College of Natural Sciences Best Lecture Award consecutively in 2018, 2019, and 2020, being the first to be selected as the “Best Lecture in Natural Sciences.” In 2022, he received the College of Natural Sciences Education Award. Recently, he developed the liberal arts course 〈Mathematical Understanding of Uncertainty〉, significantly contributing to changing Seoul National University students' perception of mathematics and gaining immense popularity. Additionally, he has been expanding the horizons of mathematics education at Seoul National University by developing online education courses for the Basic Education Institute through K-MOOC and edX.

SEO Kangmoon/Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, Dept. of Veterinary Medicine

Professor Seo has been responsible for various courses such as 〈Veterinary Ophthalmology〉, 〈Clinical Practice of Veterinary Ophthalmology〉, 〈Veterinary Surgery & Practice〉, and 〈Veterinary Clinical Simulation Practice〉. He has maximized educational efficiency with practice-oriented lectures using actual clinical photos and videos focused on animal patient cases, conducting 'hands-on' clinical practice where students actively participate, and employing communication-oriented teaching techniques. In addition, having served as Dean and Head of the Veterinary Hospital, he advanced the educational level of Seoul National University's College of Veterinary Medicine through accreditation by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA). He currently serves as the chairman of the Korean Council for Veterinary Education and the Korean Association of Education for Veterinary Clinics, contributing to the development and improvement of veterinary education in Korea

SHIN jae yong/Professor, Graduate School of Business, Dept. of Business Administration

Professor Shin has managed courses such as 〈Managerial Accounting〉, 〈Preparation for the Corporate World〉, and 〈Special Topics in Accounting〉, integrating various corporate case studies into his lecture content. Based on this, he authored the business book 'Fair Compensation' and developed new educational content for both students and the general public. Additionally, he has significantly contributed to Seoul National University's social contribution to the general public by providing his insights on solving social issues through various online and offline lectures, including uploading lecture videos to the Seoul National University YouTube channel ‘Seoul National University’, 'SNU Catch'.