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Excellence in Teaching Award

Seoul National University created Excellence in Teaching Award in 2005 to honor professors who provided students with the best education and to encourage all the faculty members to put sincere efforts in teaching as well as research.

CHOI Hee-Jung/College of Natural Sciences Dept. of Biological Sciences

Professor Choi has been taking charge of the 〈Biochemistry 1〉 course, and receiving a favorable evaluation for her graduate classes as well, including her class. As a result, she received the Excellent Lecturer Award in the College of Natural Sciences after the first semester of 2018. She also worked as a member of the college's Board of Education for more than 3 years, in which she contributed in reforming the education curriculum for graduate and undergraduate courses. In the midst of COVID-19, she conducted individual interviews with students and established the Undergraduate Support Program, as an effort to aid students' adjustment to their school life.

LEE Jong Min/College of Engineering Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering

Professor Lee teaches the 〈Process Control and Design〉 class, and utilizes the IBL(Inquiry-Based Learning) and PBL(Problem-Based Learning) methods for his classes, which involve creating various exercise questions. He opened large courses useful for meeting the demands of industrial enterprises, and suggested creative methods for students to easily apply the learned theories in actual scenes. He also has been contributing to enhancing students' engineering design opportunities by guiding the national chemical engineering process design contest since 2012.

LEE Joongseek/Graduate School of Convergence Science and Technology Dept. of Intelligence and Information

Professor Lee established the foundation for a interdisciplinary department, by opening bootcamp classes such as 〈Introductions to Convergence Technology〉. He sought solutions to the regional problems through cooperation with the social activist network in the Program provided by the Department of Information Science and Culture and the College of Liberal Studies. Also, he supervised the Program for 6 years, which is a IT-based technology-related global volunteering program, and educated students on on-site problem solution techniques. Recently, he founded the in which he conducted studies on single-person households, and integrated his studies in his classes to provide problem-oriented education.

LEE Kye Joung/School of Law Dept. of Law

Professor Lee takes charge of the the 〈Civil Law〉 class, and has received outstanding evaluation for his meticulous class preparations. Through his education curriculum that integrates the theories and applications of the civil law, he has contributed in fostering innumerous competent lawyers. He also devoted himself to instill the sense of social responsibility to his students, by conducting special lectures and interviews that highlight the importance of the sense of duty and pursuit of public good. Furthermore, he developed various teaching methods and materials for the improvement of law education, and has taken a thoughtful care of disabled students entering law school.

LEE Kyeong-Hwa/College of Education Dept. of Mathematics Education

Professor Lee teaches the 〈Mathematics Education Theory〉 class, in which she works to strengthen students' capacity to critically discuss the major issues in the field of mathematics education in depth, based on the theories of mathematics education. She developed the multi-scaffold supporting teaching method that enabled her to systematically diagnose the learning capacity of individual students and provide personalized feedbacks. Also, she is recognized for her student-friendly mentoring techniques, which successfully guide students in their career and academia related concerns.

LEE Kyoungmi/College of Business Administration Dept. of Business Administration

Professor Lee mainly takes charge of the courses, in which she encourages students' improved immersion and research capacity with creative course materials that utilize the concept of "Flipped Learning." After the transition to online courses, she produced and shared lecture manuals, which contributed to the quality of undergraduate lectures. She also personally provided guidance for foreign students and students in social crisis situations, and took measures to develop policies for them as well.

LEE Yong Deok/College of Fine Arts Dept. of Sculpture

Professor Lee teaches the 〈Work Studies: Molding〉 class. He has been working to transform the former material-based practice classes into student-led classes that prioritizes creative concepts and context, complying with the global standards. He developed the education curriculum so that diverse, efficient and high-quality artistic expressions could take place. His curriculum encourages students to incorporate digitally implemented techniques and materials, as well as traditional ones, in their artworks.

MOON Byung-Ro/College of Engineering Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Professor Moon teaches the 〈Data Structure〉 class, and his class was selected as a model class for the hybrid-large scale lecture in the spring semester of 2021. As computer engineering has been taking the form of instrumental studies in the recent years, Professor Moon newly created a 'Lecture Note for Easy Learning' to meet the demands of non-major students. He also participated in various lectures out of school and newspaper columns, in order to highlight the importance of basic education on algorism.

SHIN Eunyoung/College of Humanities Dept. of French Language and Literature

Professor Shin opened courses on the topic of "love," and "evil," which are the themes frequently mentioned in the modern society. These courses were able to cultivate students' knowledge on humanities through various readings, presentations, debates and writings. Her representative lecture course is evaluated as a lecture that reflects on mankind and society through various perspectives. Also, as a participating professor of the interdisciplinary program in performing arts, she contributed to the performing arts education and environment in Seoul National University by supervising the drama club and supporting the theater contruction.

YIM Jae-Joon/College of Medicine Dept. of Medicine

Professor Lim teaches the interdisciplinary course 〈Respiratory Organs〉 and has further developed the self-directed learning technique, "Flipped Learning." In year 2018, he became the head of the Medical Education department, and since then has contributed in enhancing the students' capabilities in terms of self-directed learning and self-management. For this achievement, he implemented the E-Portfolio system, in which students can individually plan their education curriculum and review their prior activities. Also, he made efforts to improve the curriculum for the Collage of Medicine, including improving the Student Evaluation System.