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Organization Chart

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is the highest decision-making body of the University. It is composed of seven Trustees who are inside members of SNU, and eight Trustees who are independent members. The Chairperson is elected by the Board of Trustees from among its members.

The Board of Trustees makes decisions on the following matters:
Matters relating to appointment of the President
Matters relating to appointment and dismissal of officers
Matters relating to Annual Operation Plan
Matters relating to budget and settlement of accounts
Matters relating to acquisition, disposition, and management of important properties
Matters relating to establishment or abolition of colleges or graduate schools
Matters relating to establishment or abolition of major administrative organizations
Matters relating to mid- and long-term operation and development of the university
Matters relating to amendment of the Articles of Incorporation
Matters relating to enactment, amendment, and abolition of the University Regulations and regulations pertaining to the University Council, the President Recommendation Committee, the University Committee on Academic Affairs, and the University Committee on Financial Affairs
Matters relating to establishment and management of the development fund of the university
Matters relating to issuance of long-term loans and university bonds
Matters requiring the Board of Trustees’ decision in accordance with the Act, the Articles of Incorporation, or other regulations
Other matters that the Board of Trustees deems necessary
KWON Oh-hyun, Standing Advisor of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
JANG Sangyoon, Vice Minister, Ministry of Education
KIM Wansup, 2nd Vice Minister, Ministry of Economy and Finance
KWON Ogon, President of International Law Institute, Kim & Chang
CHEY Chang-Won, CEO of SK Discovery Co., Ltd.
YOON Sukmynn, President of TY Holdings
YU Myeong-Hee, Honorary Researcher of Korea Institute of Science and Technology
YEOM Jaeho, President of Taejae University
RYU Hong Lim, President of Seoul National University
KIM Seong-Kyu, Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs, SNU
YUN Young-ho, Executive Vice President for Planning and Communication, SNU
JYUNG Chyul-Young, SNU Professor Emeritus, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
KIM Byung Seop, SNU Professor Emeritus, Graduate School of Public Administration
KWON Hoonjeong, SNU Professor, College of Human Ecology
LEE Sukjae, SNU Professor, College of Humanities