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SNU Natural Sciences Listed among World Top 20 Colleges

Nov 14, 2005

The College of Natural Sciences at Seoul National University is isted among the world top 20 colleges in an in-depth assessment made by world-renowned scholars in the United States.

The SNU received a comprehensive academic assessment from a panel of world top-notch scholars from June in five major departments of natural sciences _ mathematical sciences, physics, chemistry, earth and environmental sciences and statistics were those assessed.

The review was the first to be made in Korea and is designed to improve the university’s competitiveness.

Four departments at the College have been listed in the middle of the first group, which means it will be listed in top 50 universities by its academic sector in the U.S.

Listing in the middle of the first group means their academic performances are placed on level comparable to the top 20 colleges within the U.S. It also gains the rank of 30th in the world.
Among others, the department of earth and environmental sciences received high praise, placing it on par with the top 20 American universities.

The SNU quoted the panel of top-notch scholars as saying that the university has been graded highly in its scholastic performance of the college of natural science than any other research divisions.

The panel of scholars gave high marks on the scholastic performances of faculty members, students at undergraduate schools, curriculum and the number of citation of papers listed in the Science Citation Index (SCI).

However, according to the assessment, there has been a lot to be desired in terms of the educational environment for graduate students, as there are too few specialization areas for research sectors, and too few researchers.

The SNU will announce the final results of other six departments including biological sciences at the College of Natural Science in February.

Nov. 14, 2005
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