Yale University President Invited to Give a Special Lecture at Seoul National University

On March 24th, 2023, Peter Salovey, the President of Yale University, gave a special lecture on the topic “Emotional Intelligence” at the auditorium of SNU Cultural Center for members of Seoul National University.

Peter Salovey, the President of Yale University

Being a professor in the Psychology department at Yale University since 1986, President Salovey has spent the past 30 years making contributions to the field of psychology with his pioneering research in the Emotional Intelligence area. In July 2013, he was appointed as the President of Yale University and led the university's development in various fields, including restructuring the university's leadership, establishing the RC College, and expanding exchange and cooperation with universities in Asia.

About 400 members of Seoul National University attended the lecture, and prior to the lecture, President Salovey met with President Honglim Ryu to discuss ways to expand the exchange and cooperation between the two universities. Seung-ah Cho, Vice President of SNU Office of International Affairs (professor of Business Administration), accompanied the meeting.

Translated by In Kyung Bae (Department of English Language and Literature)