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Students to Get Emotion-Control Program

Jun 11, 2007

SNU will offer a new program to help students deal with and manage their emotions.

The school's Center for Campus Life and Culture said Thursday that it will launch the eight-week ``emotion-control coaching program'' during the summer vacation.

Through the program, students will be given tools on how to cope with such situations as the extreme embarrassment experienced when dumped by a boyfriend or girlfriend; failing to give a proper presentation in front of many students in a large-sized lecture room; being ignored by friends and receiving lower-than-expected exam scores.

``Students face many unpleasant and embarrassing situations during their ordinary life and feel various strong feelings such as displeasure, awkwardness, frustration, bewilderment and shyness,'' said a staff member of the Center.

``But many of them do not know how to accept the situation and manage their feelings. When asked how they deal with those emotions, students surveyed said they usually avoid them by trying to forget, drinking, sleeping, or watching movies,'' she said.

Through the program, a team of 10 students will practice for two hours per day on how to control diverse emotions and work off bad feelings. The school will form a total of four teams.

Individual counseling and group counseling will be given. Participating students will also be encouraged to speak freely on how they feel.

``Students will learn to identify the origin of their negative feelings and think about countermeasures. They will also have chances to recognize, feel, and express their emotions and work through them'' she said.

``We expect students to learn how to deal with their strongest emotions through the programs, helping them with their interpersonal relationships and to avoid such extreme behavior as violence and suicide,'' the staff member added.

June 11, 2007
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