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SNU Alumni in the Legal Profession

Apr 27, 2007

Professor Do-hyun Kim at Dongguk University released a report on the Korean legal system, which gives statistics on SNU alumni in the legal profession.

The report states that 46.1% of all current jurists in Korea -- judges, public prosecutors and lawyers -- are SNU graduates. They all have passed the national judicial examination which offers certificates in legal practice.

According to the report, SNU graduates are distinctively active in the Public Prosecutors` Office.
Positions higher than Chief Public Prosecutor, including the Public Prosecutor General, are most often held by SNU graduates. SNU alumni constitute 72.5% of all Chief Public Prosecutors.

Concerning SNU alumni in the Court, Kang Ji-won in the human resources department of the High Court recently confirmed the information below.
There are 133 judges in the High Court and Supreme Court in Korea, and 117 of them have graduated from SNU. That makes 87.9% of all High Court judges and Supreme Court judges SNU alumni.

April 27, 2007
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