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SNU to Begin Counseling Service For Students

Apr 26, 2007

SNU Center for Campus Life and Culture said it will begin providing counseling services in September for foreigners to help them adapt to campus life.

The measure follows the shootings at a U.S. university last week in which a mentally ill South Korean student killed 32 people before taking his own life.

The counseling services will also be available for Korean students with mental disorders from the start of the second school semester in September by dialing the intra-campus extension number 2113, the school authorities said.

With the recent increase in students from abroad coming to SNU to study, the university will establish a"human rights counseling center" exclusively for foreigners in the second semester to prevent discrimination against them.

"We had long discussed measures to help students with mental problems and those from foreign countries, and the process gained steam following the Virginia Tech shootings," a school official said.

The number of foreign students at SNU topped 1,000 last year, with Chinese students constituting the largest share, according to SNU statistics.

April 25, 2007
SNU PR Office