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SNU to Create Bio Medical Hub In Incheon

Jan 12, 2007

Seoul National University and Yonsei University will build medical research centers inside the Incheon Free Economic Zone.
The schools signed an agreement with the managers of IFEZ for the construction projects at the 5,263-hectare Songdo industry site.

Seoul National University Hospital will build a customized medical examination center and Yonsei University's Institute of Life Science and Bio Technologies will set up a drug research center, according to university officials.

IFEZ is an area designated by the government in August 2003 to establish a globally competitive business living environment that will attract foreign investment and international companies.

Yonsei University officials said that the 924,000 square meter drug research center will be made ready by March 2010 but Seoul National University Hospital officials said their plans will be detailed at a later date.

This was the third agreement signed in the Songdo region to complete a list of projects to form a high-tech medical industry. The medical college of Seoul National University and the brain science research center of Gachon University of Medicine and Science were the first to sign an agreement to take part in the projects in December. Korea University and Catholic University reached agreements earlier this month.

Dec. 11, 2006