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SNU Ranks 30th Worldwide for SCI Paper Publications

Jul 05, 2006

Korea took 12th place for the production of scientific technology theses, as 23,515 theses were published in international scientific journals registered on the Science Citation Index (SCI).

Results of joint analysis on the SCI CD-Rom database was announced on Tuesday by the Ministry of Education & Human Resource Development (MOE) and the Pohang University of Science & Technology, stating that Korean scientific technicians had published a total of 23,515 theses last year, 27.1 percent more (5,018) than the 18,497 published in 2004.

Korean theses took 2.33 percent of the international total, which raised the nation one rank from 13th to 12th.

The U.S. had produced the most scientific technology theses in 2005, followed by the U.K., Japan, Germany, China and France.

Korea's Seoul National University ranked as the world's 30th with 3,946 papers while Yonsei University placed 104th with 2,025. Sungkyunkwan University ranked 159th with 1,568 theses, KAIST produced 1,452 and placed 175th. Meanwhile, Korea University ranked 180th with 1,441 published theses and Hanyang University took 210th place with 1,274 theses.

America's Harvard University, having produced 11,603 theses, was the most prolific contributor, University of Tokyo was second with 7,184 theses and America's UCLA ranked third with 6,888 theses.

Other well-known universities, such as the University of Cambridge took the 19th place with 4,504, U.S.-based MIT ranked 32nd with 3,850 theses and China's Tsinghua University ranked 70th with 2,556.

While Korea's SNU was the only Korean university in the top 100, the U.S. had 51 universities, the U.K. and Japan, 8 each, Canada 5, Italy 4, Germany, Holland, China and Sweden three each.

July 4 2006
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