"Korea's Beautiful Old Maps" Exhibition by the Seoul National University Art Conservation Research Center

Aug 04, 2023 - Aug 15, 2023

The exhibition "Korea's Beautiful Old Maps" by the Seoul National University Art Conservation Research Center will be held at the HanByeokWon Art Museum.

  • Date: August 4th (Friday) to August 15th (Tuesday)
  • Time: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM
  • Venue: Hanbyukwon Art Museum

The Seoul National University Art Conservation Research Center was established under the Visual Arts Institute for the purpose of preserving art objects, conducting research, and fostering future experts in the field. Since the inception of the center, it has carried out the reproduction of 23 important cultural assets, starting with the production of a replica of "Uisungwanyeong Jodo" from the Kyujanggak Institute for Korean Studies in 2012 and including the replica of "Taejo Eojin" from the National Palace Museum of Korea in 2013, up until the year 2023. This exhibition will showcase the beautiful replicas of old maps produced as part of the center's conservation projects.

Tradition is not fixed and unchanging; it lives and breathes like a living organism. Tradition summons valuable old things even today and is constantly recreated. The Art Conservation Research Center studies works from previous eras, reevaluating the aspects that still hold value today, in an effort to provide a foundation for contemporary painting creation. We hope that through the exhibited replicas, new traditions can be discovered and recreated.

Through the exhibition "Korea's Beautiful Old Maps," we hope you can empathize with the spirit and beautiful expressions that are embedded in our cultural assets.