[SNU ICA] SNU ICA Dialogue 01:  Ji-hyun Jung X MaMP 〈Birth; Reverse〉 Exhibition

Jul 28, 2023 - Aug 14, 2023

From July 28 to August 14, 2023, the Seoul National University Arts Center will host the inaugural exhibition of the 2023 curatorial series <Dialogue>. The series aims to bring together two artists/studios/companies who are making interesting strides in their respective fields to explore ambiguous but new territories and discover shared values and questions.

The first exhibition in the series <Dialogue> is a collaboration between photographer Ji-hyun Jung and Metaverse exhibition design studio Meatball and Meshed Potatoes (MaMP). The two artist groups will present media, sculpture, and installation works that reinterpret the Powerplant, which has been the current in July 2022, and utilize the space of the Arts Center for the Performing Arts for the past year since its established specificity of the space.

The Powerplant was a facility that provided electricity and heating for Seoul National University but was shut down after the school switched to individualized heating. In the process of transforming the Powerplant into a cultural space for exhibitions and performances, some of the initial remodeling plans failed to materialize into reality, and it became an "abandoned ideological space" that remained only as a plan. In this exhibition, Jeong Ji-hyun and MaMP summon the conceptual space of the Powerplant, which never materialized and disappeared, to understand and interpret the space in different ways, moving between the virtual and the real, the real and the virtual. Their different ways of understanding space give the power plant a temporal and spatial dimension, allowing viewers to experience the space in a more multilayered way.