[SNU Powerplant] 'Replant' Exhibition

Mar 10, 2023 - Mar 11, 2023

Time: March. 10~11th. (Fri.-Sat.) 2023

Time: 14:00 - 22:00

Place: SNU Powerplant (Bldg.68)

SNU Powerplant, which had been used as a heating supplier is now temporarily used as a leisure and cultural space and is holding a revolutionary exhibition 'Replant' under the theme of 'environment.' This exhibition is a playground for art-culture activists who focus on the environment by utilizing methods such as changing, revising, re-using, and defamiliarization rather than consuming and building. Of course, we cannot forget the parties and shows. 

18 environmental writers, artists, DJs, as well as three on-campus environmental clubs, are participating.

[Participating Artists] 

Jong-gil Kang, Green Recipe Lab, Celesty, Sin Ifie, Dong-hoon Lee, Woosung Lee, Kyoung-hyun Yoon, Seon-jeong Hwang, Kohui, Tae-seong Bae, Dae-bum Seok (SBT), Seesea, DJ Yesyes (Park Daham), Supermotel K, DJ Gumi, DJ HODORI, Roxy, DJ Conrad

-On-Campus Environmental Clubs

Greeb Earth with SNU, SNUCR, Environmental Clubs Association (Chae-rim Yoon, Ye-eun Jeong, Hae-min Heo)

"We are planting seeds.

For a new environment, for new people, 

and for new energy."  

As we have acknowledged in the Circularity Symposium, we believe the cultural keyword today is not growth and expansion, but sustainability and resource-circulation.