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[SNU IPAI] CVPR ’23 “NICE: New Frontiers for Zero-shot Image Captioning Evaluation” Workshop & Challenge

Jun 18, 2023

SNU IPAI invites you to the CVPR 2023 NICE: New frontiers for zero-shot Image Captioning Evaluation, the first CVPR workshop on evaluation of zero-shot image captioning. The workshop will cover the key challenges and opportunities in zero-shot image captioning. Invited talks will cover various aspects of image captioning including accuracy, efficiency, and fairness. The NICE team is also hosting an open challenge on zero-shot image captioning with open-sourced evaluation sets from February to April 2023. Winners will be awarded during CVPR2023 NICE Workshop. For more details, feel free to visit Upcoming events, list of invited talks, and challenge submission page will be updated on the official website.