[Museum] 'Dyeing the Brush: Geunhyokhwahui and Painters of Chosun'

Oct 01, 2022 - Jan 31, 2023

Seoul National University Museum informs you of the special exhibition 'Dyeing the Brush: Geunhyokhwahui and Painters of Chosun'.

《Geunhyokhwahui》 is the a representative collection of the Seoul National University Museum, and is a collection of paintings by Wichang Oh Se-chang, who collected and edited the works of Joseon Dynasty painters one by one. 
This exhibition is a venue to re-show all the works of 《Geunhyokhwahui》 after 20 years since the 'Geunyeokhwahui, Geunyeokseohui Masterpiece' held at our museum in 2002.

Please enjoy and awake the will of Oh Se-chang, who collected paintings and published them in a book to preserve our art culture, which was disappearing during the Japanese colonial period, and to pass it on to future generations.

* Exhibition period|2022.10.1(Sat) ~ 2023.1.31(Tue)
* Exhibition place|Seoul National University 2nd Floor Special exhibition room
* Visiting hours|  10 AM ~ 5 PM (Last Entry 4:30 PM)
* Closed days   |Every Monday, Sunday, School Anniversary(October 15th)