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Prof. Seung Hwan Ko

Phase patterning of liquid crystal elastomers by laser-induced dynamic crosslinking

Liquid crystal elastomers hold promise in various fields due to their reversible transition of mechanical and optical properties across distinct phases. However, the lack of local phase patterning techniques and irreversible phase programming has hindered their broad implementation. Here we introduce laser-induced dynamic crosslinking, which leverages the precision and control offered by laser technology to achieve high-resolution multilevel patterning and transmittance modulation. Incorporation of allyl sulfide groups enables adaptive liquid crystal elastomers that can be reconfigured into desired phases or complex patterns. Laser-induced dynamic crosslinking is compatible with existing processing methods and allows the generation of thermo- and strain-responsive patterns that include isotropic, polydomain and monodomain phases within a single liquid crystal elastomer film. We show temporary information encryption at body temperature, expanding the functionality of liquid crystal elastomer devices in wearable applications.

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