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2024 GKS Deadline Extended (Only for Global Network Program)

2024 GKS Deadline Extended (Only for Global Network Program)

SNU, Office of Admissions has extended the deadline for Global Network Program of 2024 GKS Graduate(University Recommendation).

Please refer to the link below for detailed admission information.

Admission Guideline for 2024 GKS Graduate Program(Global Network Program)

■ Due to the urgent establishment of the Global Network Program, the admission schedules for each program has been announced separately. (From 2025, the recruitment process will be conducted on the same schedule.)

■ The deadline for applicants to the General Program CANNOT BE EXTENDED.

■ All documenets must be received by the deadline.

■ Documents can ONLY be submitted via POST. Submitting in person is NOT allowed.

■ For all related inquiries, please send the email to the person in charge. (The response may be late due to many inquiries.)

■ We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not checking the notice

■ Since the office is very busy, it is difficult to make a phone call, so please contact us by e-mail.