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Admission Guideline for 2024 KGSP(GKS) Graduate Programs (University Recommendation)

SNU, Office of Admissions has released the Admission Guideline for 2024 KGSP(GKS) Graduate(University Recommendation).

■ Application Timeline

1)Application submission: February 19th(Mon)~Mar 18th(Mon), 2024 by 17:00

2)Interview: After March 28th (Thur), 2024

*Interview will be conducted only if necessary.

3)Recommendation to NIIED: April 26th (Fri) 2024

4)Final Selection by NIIED: June 2024 (TBA)

■ Due to Novel Coronavirus, documents can ONLY be submitted via POST. Submitting in person is NOT allowed.

■ For all related inquiries, please send the email to the person in charge. (The response may be late due to many inquiries.)

■ The name of the department has been changed differently from last year, so please refer to the file and fill it out accurately.

■ We are not responsible for any disadvantages caused by not checking the notice

■ Since the office is very busy, it is difficult to make a phone call, so please contact us by e-mail. Please download the attachments.

※ Please contact the desired administration office of college or department to check if lectures in English language are provided.

The specific deadline of Global Network Program has not confirmed yet but the other details are almost same with the General Program. It will be announced until Mar 15th(KST). ※The deadline for applicants to the General Program CANNOT BE EXTENDED.