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Distinguished SNU Members

Seoul National University honors the people who made distinguished achievements in their lives with the Distinguished SNU Members Award. It has been the highest honor bestowed upon SNU alumni or faculty since 1991. The award is granted annually on the founding anniversary of the university during the official anniversary ceremony.

KOO Pyong-hwoi/Honorary Chairman of E1 Corporation

Chairman Koo contributed to the growth and globalization of the Korean economy as the leading figure in the establishment and development of the LG Group. He contributed to the invigoration of exchange between Korean financial circles and the rest of the world while serving as the first Korean Chairman of the Pacific Basin Economic Council (PBEC), Chairman of the Korea-U.S. Economic Council, and the Chair of the Korea-U.S. Business Council.

LEE Hyun-jae/Professor Emeritus, Seoul National University Department of Economics
Chairman of Ho-Am Foundation

Professor Lee inaugurated as the 16th President of Seoul National University in 1983 after being appointed as an SNU professor, Dean of Student Affairs, Dean of the College of Social Sciences, and the Vice President; Contributed to the stability and development of the university

YUN Jong Yong/Professor, Korea University Business School

Professor Yun led innovations in business and created the success story of Samsung Electronics as the CEO of Samsung Electronics. He contributed to the development of engineering education in Korea and the training of future engineers by serving as the Board President of the Accreditation Board for Engineering Education of Korea and the Chairman of the National Academy of Engineering of Korea.

PARK No-Hee/Professor of Medicine at UCLA
Distinguished Professor of Dentistry and Medicine at UCLA

Professor Park achieved globally unique research results in dental medicine. He elevated UCLA School of Dentistry to become the top dental school in the United States after being appointed as the first Korean Dean of the UCLA School of Dentistry in 1998

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