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A Legal Studies Course for Foreign Students

  • August 30, 2007
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SNU College of Law has introduced a legal studies course for foreign students who have come to SNU to study law at the leading hub of Korean legal system. College of Law’s own Cho Kuk, Kwon Youngjoon and Rhee Woo-Young have planned a joint course regarding Korean law to be taught in English for the first time in the fall semester of 2007.

The course, “Korean Law,” is designed to reflect Korea’s judiciary system, with three professors mentioned above specializing in constitutional law, civil law and criminal law respectively, teach general concepts of each type. Discussions and debates by students will be followed, as well as designated question-and-answer session for 30 minutes right after class to clarify anything covered in class. In addition, a field trip to the Supreme Court and the Constitution Court of Korea as well as guest lectures are planned to help students experience Korean legal system by hand. It is expected that students not only understand Korean law further but also practice their legal mind through comparative approaches.

Associate Professor Cho Kuk graduated from SNU College of Law and received LL.M. and J.S.D. at University of California Berkeley. He has been a professor at SNU College of Law and actively engaged in many social activities. Assistant Professor Kwon Youngjoon graduated from SNU College of Law and received LL.M. at Harvard Law School. He was a judge at Seoul District Court until he joined SNU College of Law in 2006. Assistant Professor Rhee Woo-Young graduated from SNU College of Law and received LL.M. at Harvard Law School and J.S.D. at Stanford Law School. She practiced law in the United States until she returned to SNU College of Law in 2003.
There will be 460 courses taught in English at SNU, which makes up about 10% of the whole curricula offered by the university, in the fall semester of 2007.

* Syllabus of the course is attached.

2007. 7. 31
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