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Important Information on IT Services for First Year Students

  • March 26, 2015
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The Seoul National University administration is based on an IT system. From issuing your certificate of enrollment to extending the due date of a library book, an integrative SNU ID and website enables you to speed through the administrative processes with one simple click. Thus, being familiar with the various IT services that the university provides will make school life more convenient and efficient. To first year students and exchange students knowing your way digitally at SNU should be the first step in becoming familiar with the school.

1. How to Log on to the SNU Portal

The SNU Portal or mySNU ( is an integrated website which provides a variety of convenient services and access to your webmail, GPA, library webpage, news, personal information, scholarships and more. To utilize the services, you first need to make a SNU ID by clicking on the “New ID” menu at the bottom of the SNU Portal. Once you register for a SNU ID, you can log on to SNU mail, e-learning system, central library homepage, various college homepages, and so on, without having to creating a new ID.

The SNU Portal (
The SNU Portal (

2. Main Online Notification Portal SNU Mail

SNU Mail’s storage capacity has been increased from 0.5GB to 50GB in 2014. Until now, the SNU Mail received criticism for lacking storage and optional service compared to regular commercial portals. However, not many students are aware of the change.
The 50GB mail storage and cloud based mail system (office365) is provided by Microsoft. Students now have access not only to a bigger email storage, but also to various MS Office web application services and SkyDrive, an online cloud service, which enable a more convenient cyber studying environment. Nevertheless, students can use the previous university email system with 0.5GB mail storage if they prefer not to use Microsoft’s office365. You first need to register for a SNU ID to create an email account. Once you register, the SNU Portal grants students full access to office365.

[How to register]

  • Members of SNU Portal: Log in to mySNU > MyPage > Office365 registration (Available on the ‘Korean’ language version website)
  • Non-Members of SNU Portal: Register for SNU_ID > Confirm ID > Enter User Information > select “office365” in the eMail category

  • All university notifications are sent to the official SNU email address ( External email users should select auto-forwarding function to receive notification emails.
    ■ SNU Mail: Portal > Webmail > Settings > Sending Mail > Received Mail > Enable Automatic Forward to
    ■ Office365: Portal > Webmail > OUTLOOK > Option > Account > Forward Email > Forward

3. How to use free Wi-Fi

SNU provides multitudes of wireless internet in addition to SNUWireless, such as T wifi zone and SNU_U+Zone. By selecting the wireless internet connection with the strongest signal, students can use free Wi-Fi on the university campus.

[Access to Wi-Fi]

  • SNU Wireless: Available after registration with SNU Portal ID
  • T Wifi Zone: Available to SKT members without registration, and available to non-SKT members after registration on MAC for 1 month. Re-registration necessary after 1 month.
  • SNU_U+Zone: Available once entering the password (lguplus100)
  • ollehWifi: Now available to everyone after simple registration process.
For more information refer to SNU Portal > SNU Support > IT Services > SNU Wireless Lan Application.

4. New Mobile Services

If you search the keyword “Seoul National University” on the mobile app stores, various applications developed by students and companies will pop up. Among the applications, the “Seoul National University” is the official university application that is connected with main services and provides students services. Install the application to access course timetable, cafeteria menus, campus services phone numbers, shuttle bus information, email, notifications, and more than 100 kinds of services. You can find the application on the Google Playstore for Android and Apple Store for iPhones.

SNU Mobile Application
SNU Mobile Application

Other useful mobile applications include ShaBap (university cafeteria menu application), S-Card (SNU Mobile Student ID Card), and SNUTT (time table application).

5. Where to find the Shuttle Bus

Around forty regular city buses and town buses, and ten shuttle buses rotate within the Gwanak campus. The “Seoul University Bus Information” mobile application has been available since April 2014. You can check when the buses and shuttles arrive at the bus station and real time location information of the buses. Furthermore, you can search nearby bus stations based on your location through the mobile map.

The “Seoul University Bus Information” mobile application
The “Seoul University Bus Information” mobile application

For more information on technical issues refer to the Information Systems &Technology website (

Written by BAE Su Hyen, English Editor,
Reviewed by Eli Park Sorensen, SNU Professor of Liberal Studies,

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