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Seoul National University Social Responsibility (SNUSR) Corps Accomplishes Winter Uzbekistan Program

2022 Winter Uzbekistan Program, which was run by team ‘Shamar’ of Seoul National University Social Responsibility Corps (SNUSR Corps), successfully finished the project.

The name ‘Shamar’ means that students from Seoul National University, students from Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages, and Samarkand State University in Uzbekistan will join together. The Shamar team, which has been preparing for activities since October 2022, practiced a child-centered education campaign, medical treatment, and health campaigns in Samarkand, Uzbekistan, from January 30 (Mon) to February 9 (Thu).

SNUSR Corps in Uzbekistan
SNUSR Corps in Uzbekistan

The Shamar team visited the national kindergarten located in Samarkand and held an early childhood education seminar to introduce the early childhood education program and Korea's early childhood education system. Based on Korea's Nuri educational curriculum and child-centered concepts, the Shamar team planned a "Happy Winter Life" activity to explore snow and a "Water and Our Trip" activity to understand the water circulation process. The Shamar team organized early childhood education sharing with various activities such as puppet shows, fairy tale narratives, role plays, and water xylophone performances. In addition, the Shamar team held a seminar on early childhood education on the subject of Korea's Nuri course, child-centered education, and parent education with a professor of early childhood education at a local university.

The Shamar team practiced health campaigns, including medical campaigns on ‘healthy lifestyle and diet’ and medical seminars on ‘medical care and anti-aging medicine’. To solve local medical problems with a high incidence of adult diseases such as high blood pressure and diabetes, the Shamar team held a medical campaign for endocrinology hospital patients and local residents by operating a booth to measure △ the amount of sugar in beverages △ making a healthy diet △ national gymnastics △ in-body measurement booth. In addition, the Shamar team conducted medical treatment activities which were led by Bumjo Oh, a professor of family medicine at Boramae Hospital in Seoul, who participated as an advisory professor and conducted an anti-aging medical seminar for 200 local doctors and medical students in Uzbekistan.

Meanwhile, not only sharing early childhood education and health but the Shamar team also conducted various cultural performances for local residents to share each other's culture. Seoul National University members performed K-pop stages, traditional music-based choruses, Disney medley, and cheering squad performances, while local Uzbekistan members performed K-pop stages, samulnori, and Uzbekistan traditional song performances. Moreover, members of Seoul National University and local members of Uzbekistan held a drama OST medley choir performance together.

"I am proud that it helped Uzbekistan's early childhood education and health improvement," a student member who participated in this activity said. "It was an unforgettable experience." Since its foundation in February 2013, SNUSR has been in charge of social contribution on campus and have been conducting social contribution education and social contribution practices on domestic and international level based on social responsibility and innovative expertise.

Translated by
Seulki Yeo (Department of Russian Language and Literature)