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2023 Entrance Ceremony

2023 Entrance Ceremony of Seoul National University took place in the Gwanak Campus Gym at 11:00 AM 3. 2. (Thu) The number of freshman of 2023 is 3,610 for bachelor’s degree, 2,693 for master’s degree and master’s&Ph.D integration course, and 807 for a doctoral degree, making the total number 7,110. Entrance Ceremony didn’t take place in 2020 due to Covid-19, and it was held online in 2021 and 2022.

President Honglim Ryu emphasized that “learning in university is the process of making basis to become ‘true intellectual’ and we should become intellectual who has the power of integrate thinking and creative convergence capabilities driven from learning that transcends school system.” President Ryu also strongly suggested that “The society will become healthier when one recognizes oneself as a member of the society and realizes one’s responsibility for the community, and individual growth that would take place in the process will also become more significant.”

Professor Jeong-Dong Lee from College of Engineering (Interdisciplinary Program in Technology, Management, Economics and Policy) who was invited as congratulatory address speaker emphasized bold attitude of creative destruction which includes asking ingenious questions.

Ceremony order
-The pledge of Allegiance, Report on Academic Affairs, ‘Our Pledge’ (by Freshman Representative), Speech for Entrance Ceremony (president Honglim Ryu), Congratulatory Address (Professor Jeong-Dong Lee from College of Engineering)