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A Bridge Connecting Students to the World: SNU Center for Career Development Holds Career Mentoring Program

May 31, 2019

A Green Peace staff gives a lecture to students
A Green Peace staff gives a lecture to students

On April 9, the SNU Center for Career Development held the Career Mentoring Program for students interested in pursuing careers in international organizations and NGOs.

The program was designed to provide opportunities for students to broaden their career horizons by exploring leading international organizations and NGOs. Selection of participating organizations for the program were based on the results of surveys by SNU students and graduates.

Representatives from the United Nations Development Programme and Greenpeace were among the invited speakers. ‎Jang Sonheong, policy officer at the Seoul Policy Center of the United Nations Development Program, explained in detail the various UN career support systems and career paths, and Cha Yuntak Greenpeace East Asian regional digital communications strategist, conveyed the social need for as well as the shortcomings of NGOs. Cha also discussed his career transition from being a press reporter to working in an NGO.

Students actively participated in the lectures and in-depth mentoring sessions. Students showed great support in the Center’s career mentoring programs with post-program surveys receiving an average of 8.5 out of 10 points in overall satisfaction.

Closely involved in the career planning and employment of our current students and graduates, the Career Development Center was founded to provide students with comprehensive support for career development and to assist in the smooth transition from a constituent of the school to a member of the professional world.

The Career Development Center offers a diverse range of programs to help SNU students realize their dreams by serving as a bridge connecting students to the world. To embrace the students who are eager to develop their careers, the Center continues to develop a variety of customized career development programs including individual counseling, career design workshop, and practical training programs. Furthermore, the Center provides a wealth of online job information about job programs, internship programs and corporate programs.

The Center for Career Development plans to continue to develop and operate systematic career design and search programs based on surveys assessing the interests of students. In the coming June, the Center plans to hold career mentoring programs pertaining to selection of Level 5 Civil Service administrative officers as well as preparation for law school. Specific information can be found on the Center’s official website at

Written by Frances Seowon Jin, SNU English Editor,
Reviewed by Professor Travis Smith, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations,