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Max Planck Society Meets SNU

Sep 21, 2007

Max Planck Society meets SNU -"Perspectives in Biosciences and Materials Sciences"

The first joint symposium between the Max Planck Society of Germany and Seoul National University is scheduled to take place on Oct 4th and 5th, 2007 at the SNU Museum and the University Cultural Center. 35 scholars of the Max Planck Society are invited to discuss and share their expertise under the theme “Perspectives in Biosciences and Material Sciences.” This symposium will provide a rare opportunity for students and scientists to hear honorable guests including Klaus von Klitzing, the Nobel prize Laureate in physics (1985), Erwin Neher, the Nobel prize Laureate in physiology or medicine (1991), Hartmut Michel, the Nobel Prize Laureate in chemistry (1988), Franz-Ulrich Hartl, the Director of the Department for Cellular Biochemistry at the Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry, and many other distinguishable international masters speak about their researches and perspectives on the area.

The joint symposium was first suggested by Peter Gruss, the president of Max Planck Society, on his congratulatory letter to President Jang-Moo Lee last August on his inauguration. Here, he emphasized the necessity of aggressive academic exchange and international collaboration, stating that “great research results are now mainly being derived through active communication between various disciplines” and that “it is almost impossible to imagine them without international collaboration.” President Lee replied in accordance about the imperativeness of collaborative work between research communities to resolve ever complex research topics. He also suggested the need to promote international collaboration especially in the IT and Biotechnology areas which are seen as the core research fields of the 21st century.

Max Planck Society of Germany is an integrative research institute composed of up to 80 research institutes of Natural Sciences, Life Sciences, Social Sciences, and Humanities. It was originally founded in 1948 as the successor organization to the Kaiser Wilhelm Society for the Advancement of Science of 1911, and later renamed as Max Planck Society, taking after the name of Dr. Max Plancks, also a Nobel Prize Laureate in Physics 1918.

Please refer to for further information on the symposium schedule and profiles of participants.

Further information is also available through
- Biosciences: Alice Lee (Project Manager, Bio-MAX Institute)
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- Materials Sciences: Dong-Su Jang (Plasma Surface Engineering Laboratory)
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September 21, 2007
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