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Victor Cha Gave a Lecture to SNU Students

Sep 21, 2007

The Graduate School of International Studies Holds Public Lecture,
'U.S. Policy toward East Asia and the Korean Peninsula’

The Graduate School of International Studies invited Victor Cha, director of the Asian Studies Center at Georgetown University, to speak at a public lecture on Friday, September 14.
Victor Cha, former director for Asian Affairs at the White House, National Security Council, is well known as an expert in East Asia Studies and also had participated in the Six Party Talks in Beijing as the deputy head of Delegation for the U.S.

His lecture focused on the role of the U.S. in East Asia as well as the present situation in East Asia surrounding North Korea.
He introduced the conventional wisdom that the American leadership is diminishing in Asia due to power transitions, rising Asian nationalism, and bad U.S. policy choices. However, “the conventional wisdom on both counts is greatly exaggerated,” he said. He emphasized the unconventional truth that the U.S. position in Asia is stronger than ever and Asia remains at peace.
When discussing the rising influence of China, Cha defined China as a ‘responsible stakeholder’ and the U.S. has achieved a pragmatic, results-oriented cooperative relationship with China.
He also spoke about the U.S.-Japan alliance, stressed that the strategic connection between two countries is getting stronger, and improving bilateral relations of Japan and China would create a U.S.-Japan-China triangular formula that is unique and beneficial to regional stability. And in Southeast Asia, the U.S. has increased its support after the 2004 tsunami and now shares growing common interests with Southeast Asia countries, he said. He added Washington has made significant improvements in the bilateral defense relationship with ally South Korea on the Korean Peninsula.
Cha also commented on the ongoing process over North Korea’s nuclear program. He explained that U.S. has participated in the Six-Party talk sincerely and it is North Korea’s turn to show the credibility. “The U.S.-North Korea relations will improve only if North Korea gives up its nuclear programs completely,” he said.
When asked about the role of the Russia in East Asia in a Q & A session after the lecture, Cha said Russia is also a ‘key player’ in East Asia.

The public lecture by Victor Cha, was arranged by the Graduate School of International Studies of Seoul National University under the title of “Asia and the World” to promote understanding of Asia and its position in global society. The Graduate School of International Studies of Seoul National University has held public lectures, twice a semester, delivered by international intellectuals including George Soros and Prof. Francis Fukuyama.

September 14, 2007
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