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Plan in Action for a 'Multi-Campus': Frontier for the Integration of Studies

Jun 26, 2007

Plans to create a multi-campus to lead the integration of studies and development of high-technology are being crystallized: Bio Information Technology Port at Cheongna, Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology and Greenbio Research Complex are all projects currently underway. 

President Jang-Moo Lee has emphasized the importance of bringing different fields of study together since he was inaugurated. Building a multi-campus is one of the key policies for this goal.

Bio Information Technology Port
Seoul National University and KAIST held a convention on constructing a BIT (Bio Information Technology) Port in Cheongna District, Incheon Free Economic Zone, on April 11th. This project has a budget up to approximately 1.5 billion to 1.7 billion USD.

BIT Port will be under construction from 2008 until 2017 and will be a two-step project that covers roughly 0.6 k㎡. BIT Port, which will consist of a BT complex, IT complex CF (Common Facility) complex and two others will have a team of residing professors and researchers numbering around 4,500. The floating population is estimated to be around 20,000.

BIT Port will be a research complex that seeks to bring down the walls between different fields of study and serve as a 'One-stop R&D Center' so that innovative technologies and ideas can go through the process of industrialization and commercialization before being sold in the market.

BIT Port is to be an international hub that includes both major Korean and foreign firms and multi-national corporations, as well as prestigious research institutions and universities from abroad.

Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology
On March 21st, Seoul National University entered into an agreement with Gyeonggi Province to operate the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology which will develop cutting-edge technologies, such as nano- and bio-technologies.
With nine research centers, education facilities and administration facilities covering approximately 0.102 km2 of land, the Advanced Institute of Convergence Technology will have the status of being a global research and new education institute representing new convergence technology by serving as a central axis for the next generation's growth engine development technology.

Additionally, it will lay a cornerstone in creation of the next generation's convergence technology by maximizing the synergy effect through interaction between the research centers within the region's high technology R&D complex.

The Advanced Institute will be situated in Techno Valley, Gwanggyo, Iui-dong Youngtong-gu, Gyeonggi Province and it is scheduled for completion in February 2008. The total cost for construction of 144 million USD will be donated by Gyeonggi Province and the cost for operation of 24.5 million USD a year, 315 million USD in total, will also be subsidized for next seven years.

Greenbio Research Complex
Seoul National University's Greenbio Research Complex, which is scheduled for completion by 2010 in Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon Province, commenced development after ensuring the budget of approximately 35 million USD this year.
Seoul National University and Pyeongchang-gun, Gangwon Province organized a committee for promotion of administration and finished the preparations for launching the project. The general consulting for the formation of the research center is currently in process.

In July, when it is completed, a design for city planning and the land purchase will be processed while bidding and the construction are scheduled to begin within the year.

The Greenbio Research Complex will consist of research-related facilities, such as an animal and plant biotechnology research building, industry university facilities, cultivation facilities and breeding farm facilities.

The total expenses of 229 million USD will be divided and covered by as following: 139.4 million -Seoul National University, 59.7 million -Gangwon Province and 29.9 million -Pyeongchang-gun.

June 26, 2007
PR Office