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Women Make Up More than 40 % of SNU’s Freshmen

Feb 02, 2007

The share of women freshmen in Seoul National University has exceeded 40 percent this year for the first time.

SNU announced on February 1 that women account for 40.5 percent of the school’s total freshmen who passed regular and early admissions entry criteria, more than the previous numbers of 36.3 percent in 2000, 38.8 percent in 2003 and 36.6 percent in 2006.

The average essay score in the humanity department was 23.39 in men and 23.41 in women, showing only a slight difference.

Regional essay score averages for all students were 23.42 in Seoul, 23.41 in metropolitan cities, 23.36 in cities, and 23.58 in local districts. Counties scored the highest, just like in 2006. SNU said that such a result came about because learning environment and private education do not affect student essay writing skills.

The proportions of freshmen who passed regular admissions this year were 33.7 percent in Seoul, 32.4 percent in metropolitan cities, 29.2 percent in cities and 4.7 percent in counties, showing a slight decrease in Seoul admissions and a rise in local district admissions.

About 77.1 percent of freshmen came from regular high schools, 6.4 percent came from foreign language schools (6.6 percent in 2006) and 8.1 percent came from science high schools (4.8 percent in 2006).

An SNU official said, “The College Scholastic Aptitude Test (CSAT) was relatively easy this year, including English, leading to a drop in standard scores. While students in foreign language high schools had a relative disadvantage, the number of students in science high schools jumped as SNU’s engineering and science departments had an increased number of new students.

In the meantime, the ratio of first-time SAT applicants to second-time and more applicants among 2007 freshmen was 61.8 percent to 26.0 percent, similar to last year.

Feb. 2, 2007