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Eight Alumni Named 'Star Faculty'

Dec 15, 2006

When will Korea have a Nobel Prize winner? Ten recipients were chosen for the Star Faculty support program, which was established to train Nobel Prize laureates and to guarantee long-term research opportunities for young scholars.(more)

The 10 chosen star professors are as follows
Choi Dong-ho, Hwang Joon-mook in mathematics, Kuk Yang, Lee Ki-myung, Lee Su-hyeong and Ihm Ji-soon in physics, Kim Myung-soo in chemistry, Choi Eui-ju in biology, Kim Ki-hyeong and Lee Hyung-mok in earth science.

Eight of the selected scholars are from Seoul National University and four of them are SNU faculty members. Especially five of them are all from SNU department of physics which has been known as ‘Nursery of Genius’ since 1960s.

Two professors chosen in mathematics are from SNU dept. of physics: Chae(class of 81), Hwang(class of 86). Hwang was SNU professor during 1996-1999.
All three professors in physics are also from SNU dept of physics: Kuk(class of 75), Lee(class of 81) and Ihm(class of 74). Kuk and Ihm is SNU physic professors and Lee worked for SNU in 1998.
Kim(class of 71) in chemistry is from SNU dept. of chemistry and now a professor of the department.
Choi(class of 80) in biology was graduated from SNU dept. of pharmacy and became a biologist.
Lee(class of 79) in earth science is SNU astronomy alumni and professor.
The support program, which started in 2005, was implemented to raise globally competitive scientists who can possibly win a Nobel Prize in the future.

Applicants for the Star Faculty program must be quoted in the SCI (Science Citation Index) more than 1,000 times unless they are mathematics applicants, who require more than 100 citations, or earth science applicants, who need 300 or more. It was about three times the competitive rate for this time, with the awardees all having passed five stages of examination including requisite inspection, achievement inspection, major inspection, evaluation of foreign experts, and final examination of the board.

The works of Im Ji-soon(picture above) were quoted in the SCI a total 4,393 times, which is near to the average 5,000 figure of Nobel Prize laureates. Professor Lee Ki-myung has 2,735 citations and 2,715 for Kim Myoung-su.

At a luncheon meeting with the selected professors, Education Minister Kim Shin-il explained the purpose of the support plan and said he hopes this opportunity will raise national competitiveness in the field of science education.

2006. 12. 14