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SNU Entrance Requirements for 2008  

Sep 12, 2006

Seoul National University announced on Sept. 8 the list of the entrance requirements for the 2008 academic year, according to which the college entrance exam score would play a crucial role as a basic standard to judge a student's entrance qualification, whereas before a student's academic record would account for more than 50 percent in the screening process.

Specifically, the threefold number of students to be admitted will be given an opportunity to apply for the university based on his/her score on the college entrance exam, which means that the current college entrance exam is likely to have more characteristics of a 'qualifying exam.'Entrance requirements vary according to the university's departments, for example, departments of liberal arts and of science will see an applicant's prior academic record (50 percent), an essay test score (30 percent) and an interview (20 percent) for the selection, while the department of physical education put the weight differently, 20 percent to an academic record, 20 percent to an essay test score, 20 percent to an interview, and 40 percent to a practical examination result.

However, a college entrance exam score is not to be included in the university's entrance requirements, except for the university's college of music and the college of fine arts.

Regarding the academic record evaluation, the same weight will be laid on selective subjects and specialized subjects to precisely evaluate the student's academic ability, while a penalty count system, which holds 'over 70 points' as a full mark and makes a graded cut in marks for 'under 70' scorers, is expected to be applied to art and physical education courses.

With respect to the non-academic record evaluation, a record of student attendance, his/her volunteer activity experiences and a student's language skill are projected to be included in the list of requirements, while a recommendation letter or a self-introduction letter will not be additionally required.

Meanwhile, details regarding an essay test, including the number of questions in the test and the time required for the test are expected to be announced around June 2007, after a trial examination is executed.

September 11, 2006
SNU PR Office