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SNU, World Top 100 University

Nov 15, 2005

SNU Makes It into Top 100 for the First Time
"We will make it into the top 50 soon," says President Chung

Seoul National University made it into the top 100 schools ranked by a comprehensive world university evaluation for the first time.
SNU was ranked as the 93rd best university in the world on October 28 by the English daily"The Times", up 25 from 118 last year. SNU was ranked 45th for science, 51st for arts and humanities, 65th for engineering, and 66th for natural sciences and pharmacy.

President Chung said that he felt this year's evaluation was"somewhat the fruits of what we labored so hard for. However, SNU is still being ranked poorly. We will be able to make it into the top 50 very soon."

The Times publish their list of the best universities in the world each year based on a comprehensive list of factors such as number of dissertations cited, teacher to student ratio, and the number of foreign professors and students.

However in this year's evaluation, many English universities made a sudden jump in the rank and most of the top schools were English language based, bringing on criticism regarding the neutrality of their assessment.

Nov. 15, 2005
SNU PR Office