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President Chung Supports the Incorporation of SNU

Sep 29, 2005

CHUNG Un-chan, President of SNU said that he is in favor of the incorporation of SNU despite some professors' opposition.

He said that considering all the progresses SNU made recently, like ranked 32nd in SCI paper publications, SNU need another opportunities to challenge.

The incorporation of national univerities has been engendered a lot of controversy since Minister of Education Kim Jinpyo mentioned it.

Many of the professors of SNU and other national universites are opposing it because it ruines the financial stability that they have had.

The professors of local national universites are strongly opposing the incorporation and even held demonstration for this, saying that all the national universities would bankrupt except SNU after incorporation.

But Chung said that"SNU people has a lot more potentials than we think we have now." He pointed out that the national universities of Japan were incorporated last year, and Tokyo university made remarkable progress during the reformation period.

Sep.29, 2005
SNU PR Office