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SNU ROTC Won the First Prize for Army Training

Sep 21, 2005

SNU ROTC(Reserve Officers Training Corps) was chosen to be the 'Best ROTC' among 51 ROTC of other universities in this summer training.

During 4 weeks training, 138 SNU trainees were participated and four of them won awards for exellence which were only given to 30 best trainees among 7,000 of those from all around the country.

Colonel Park Youngrok who is in charge of SNU ROTC said that this news may throw out the prejudices about SNU students. SNU students are not merely selfish arrogant bookworms who is physically inferior to the most.
In this training, they were trained with group-work program which needs strong leadership. Colonel Park said that with the technologization of army, SNU ROTC is exptected to make great contribution to the army. He also said that after all the training SNU ROTC will be leaders of this society. SNU ROTC has trained 7,663 offices since 1961 when it was fist created.

Sep. 21, 2005
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