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SNU to Open Graduate School of Data Science

Oct 25, 2019

SNU is set to open its Graduate School of Data Science in March 2020 after winning approval from the Ministry of Education on September 9.

SNU established the graduate school with a mission to nurture talent that can adeptly respond to the demands of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, where national competitiveness will be determined by big data-based innovation in diverse fields such as manufacturing, healthcare, finance and the economy. The new graduate school seeks to equip students with both knowledge in data science and domain expertise.

The Graduate School of Data Science also aims to lead Korean universities in educational innovation to proactively respond to the Fourth Industrial Revolution. It plans to do so by leveraging its international cooperative network of data science education and research, as well as its team of world-class teaching staff.

The school plans to be a multidisciplinary research hub, transcending the boundaries of all fields of study such as the humanities, social and natural sciences, engineering, medicine, law and art. Courses will be accessible not only to postgraduate and doctoral students of the new graduate school but to all students on campus.

The Graduate School of Data Science will begin recruiting new students for the 2020 academic year from October 10 to 18. The postgraduate program will accept 40 students who demonstrate excellent logical, mathematical and computational thinking skills regardless of their undergraduate major, and the doctoral program will accept 15 students with masters degrees in data science-related fields.

Written by Minju Kim, SNU English Editor,
Reviewed by Professor Travis Smith, Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations,